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TVGuide Magazine Watercooler: The Crusade to Save #LegendOfTheSeeker

Posted by Confessed4Life on Friday, April 30, 2010 Under: Season 3

Daily Watercooler

Desperately Saving <i>Seeker</i>?
Geoff Short/ABC 

Desperately Saving Seeker?
by Damian Holbrook  April 30, 2010 10:41 AM EST 

You gotta love those Legend of the Seeker fans. All over Twitter, Facebook and other interwebby spots, devotees of the now-axed fantasy adventure are getting all Jericho to save their beloved show. Based on Terry Goodkind’s epic “Sword of Truth” novels and gorgeously shot in New Zealand, LOTS starred Craig Horner—a CW-worthy slice of beekcake with actual acting chops—as a sort of Chosen One destined to save the world from a tyrant of Voldemort proportions. Imagine a less cheesy Hercules. Or a way sexier “Lord of the Rings” (sorry, Hobbit feet are just gnarly). And while it was syndicated, as an ABC Studios production and Disney-distributed property, the show had some major heft behind it and attracted genre faves like Charisma Carpenter, Ted Raimi and Jolene Blalock, as well as Oscar-nominated local Keisha Castle-Hughes. Can the fans’ grassroots crusade work? Who knows. We’ve seen these things come and go every season. But with daily tweets blasting out hashtags like #saveourseeker and an online presence at, they sure are making a Legend-ary effort.

Seeker have been spared?

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