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Slight interview with Craig Horner

Posted by ConfessedMonkey on Tuesday, February 9, 2010 Under: Interviews

IF THE SHOE FITS: Craig Horner got a little taste of the disadvantages of feminine-style foot fashion recently, when the “Legend of the Seeker” star found himself required to do battle in clothing quite different from his usual woodsman-type gear. “My usual costume is pretty free and easy, but I had to be dressed up for this big ballroom fight in an episode recently. I had to do kicks in these boots that looked like they belonged to Kahlan,” he says, referring to the leading lady role played by Bridget Regan on the internationally syndicated fantasy action series. “They were crazy ones that went past your knee. It’s kind of cool to dress up, but after a whole day of fighting in these things, I said to the production company, ‘Guys, I think you owe me a massage.’”

His “Seeker” character, Richard, and his love interest, Kahlan, have had to abstain from physical intimacy to avoid the magic that would make him her slave. How metaphorical! Still, the two do manage to get together, as the writers have created loopholes in their own rules. Does Horner ever find himself stunned when he reads those scripts?

“Usually, I hear about things from Bridget, who is a bit better than me when it comes to reading scripts,” he cheerfully explains. “She’ll say, ‘Hey, guess what? We have sex in this episode.’ And I’ll say, OK, tell me what happens.’ I get the lowdown from her.”


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