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SciFi Fans Trample the Internet in Effort to save the Seeker

Posted by Confessed4Life on Friday, April 30, 2010 Under: Season 3

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<Legend of the Seeker is reportedly about to be cancelled by ABC Studios.April 2010 may well be remembered as the month that fans of the syndicated television show stampeded across the Internet. Websites around the world have trembled with the fury of the science fiction fans. What roused their ire? The announcement by Entertainment Weekly’s Mike Ausiello that ABC Studios was abandoning ship on its syndicated action/adventure show, “Legend of the Seeker”.

Based on SciFi writer Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth books, “Legend of the Seeker” is produced by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, who together drove the 1990s pop shows “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” and “Xena: Warrior Princess” to success in 100 world markets. Raimi has been able to write his own ticket as a director since then. Tapert hasn’t done poorly, either: he married the star of “Xena”, Lucy Lawless. Unfortunately, the good names of Goodkind, Raimi, and Tapert were not good enough to keep the show aloft.

Despite guest appearances by lots of top talent (including John Rhys-Davies) and the addition of the gorgeous Aussie actress Tabrett Bethel to the cast (which includes Craig Horner, Bruce Spence, Bridget Regan, and Craig Parker) ratings for the show in American markets never topped the charts. Fans of the show largely blame the Tribune Company, whose Broadcasting group tends to move syndicated genre shows into the trash heap of television scheduling. Tribune, for their part, went into bankruptcy and dropped the show in March. They are humbly asking the FCC if they can form a new company and still keep their 23 television stations.

The SciFi fans have launched a Save Our Seeker campaign complete with almost by-the-hour Save The Seeker blog posts on everything happening in the Seekerverse. The rumbling has been heard in the far corners of the entertainment world and the fans are gathering their finances to buy a full page in Variety.

Twitter has suffered the full fury of the onslought. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of fans have been Tweeting “Save Our Seeker” and “Save The Seeker” night and day. They are contacting anyone associated with Disney, ABC, and every network that might have an interest in an action/adventure fantasy show.

Although no official announcement has been made about the show’s fate yet, that may not matter. Fans declare they are determine to keep campaigning until the show is brought back even if it is cancelled. Some fans are already calling for a movie. Others are suggesting that everyone buy DvDs (there have been two seasons of “Seeker” so far). If studio executives have been hiding under their desks or taking quick vacations to avoid the chaos, they may wake up to the cold realization that this protest won’t go away any time soon.

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