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One of the best things in my life. My skype chat with Bridget Regan By: Kristina

Posted by Confessed4Life (Bethany G) on Friday, May 13, 2011 Under: Bridget Regan

Yesterday it finally was the day when my skype chat with Bridget Regan was supposed to be. I’ll start my write up with the funny background story and write down every little detail I remember. Promise :) So just enjoy reading it.

On Tuesday I got a message from Ian Pai with a skype chate date suggestion. It was supposed to be on Thursday the 12th of May at 11am PST (8pm for me). I knew that I had to work till 8pm so no chance to accept the suggestion. I asked Ian if it’s somehow possible to postpone it to 12.30pm PST (9.30pm for me). I didn’t receive an answer until about three hours before the appointment, but it was okay for her so I was all excited.


But so typical for me... It was like the busiest work day ever with a lot of complications and I didn’t manage to leave before 9pm. I had a 20 minute drive home. I arrived, went inside the house and started eating some cookie with my mom while we were watching tv. At about 9.33pm I got a mail on my iPhone... It was from Ian and he told me that Bridget tried to call me but I showed to be off. You had to see my face in that moment! I was like freaking out and so in panic that I jumped off the table rushed into my room, switched on my laptop and it felt like ages until it was fully started. I klicked on the ‘skype’ symbol on my desktop and saw she’s still online! I right away called her and she answered it. I had like no preparation time and still wonder how a person can be soooo stupid and FORGET about the skype chat appointment! Still can’t believe it! But thank the spirits everything went well nevertheless.


And, there she was but I couldn’t hear her! *another freak out* I forgot to turn the sound on so just did it and I heard her as well. :D She has such a lovely voice! She was like I can hear you but I don’t see you. You might have to switch on the video as well. It was so embarrassing but I did so and it worked. When she first saw me she was like ‘OMG! You’re really cute.’ *blush*


I of course started to appologize for me being late, told her that I just re-turned from work. She wanted to know what I do and I told her that I work in a township and am a head of a department. She was like ‘Oh, I bet it’s really stressful then’.


Next thing she asked was if I was in Germany and I said ‘Yes’. She wanted to know where exactly I am in Germany and I told her that I live in the Eastern part near Dresden. I’m not sure if she knows the city but I didn’t ask either.


I totally forgot to congratulate her on being a mommy so I did this right away and her expressions just lighted up even more. She thanked me therefore and told me that Frankie was right next to her and if I’d like to see her. Of course I said yes and she got her in front of the camera. :D I was like squeeing and telling her that she is beyond cute! (She really is one of the most lovely babies in the world I assume! *thud*). Frankie was wearing a pink baby shirt. It was so cute. Bridget right away told Frankie that I am in Germany and held her in front of the camera. I was waving like crazy to the little girl and like ‘Hi Frankie! I’m really far away right now. But one day you have to visit Germany with your mommy as well.’ Bridget was laughing her typical Bridget laugh and it was cute. From that moment on Frankie was there the whole time, next to Bridget and starring into the webcam the whole chat.


It came what had to come... Birdget asked me if I’m a Seeker fan and I was like ‘Yeah, I am.’ She right away wanted to know how I got to know about the show and I told her my story. My bff told me about a show thats she thought really amazing (when B heard that she was like cheering) and I have been in the middle of my last semester, before my state exams and always told my bff that I don’t have the time to start another show now. My bff tried so many times to convince me. Really funny. Some weeks later I was searching for music videos on YT (you have to know I’m kind of obsessed with music videos) and found a really amazing one to Legend of the Seeker. I watched it and that’s when I was sure I had to catch up on the show. So I did within some days. (Bridget was cheering again).

She wanted to know how I watched it... If it was on tv here in Germany, if I bought the dvds or what else. I told her it has been on tv here but in the middle of 2010 which was way too late for me. So I had to watch the show online. She was like ‘Okay, makes sense.’ I as well told her that the season 2 dvd still wasn’t released here and she kind of seemed sad about it.


Afterwards she told me about the reel she has to put together and that she so can’t decide for special scenes because she loves so many of them. I told her it’s the same with me. I wouldn’t be able to decide as well. Everything she did was just great. You could fill days with just watching those scenes and she was laughing again.


Next thing she asked me if I had any roommates or pets or so on... I told her I still live at my parents house but that my boyfriend and I will be looking for an appartment soon. She liked the idea and encourage me to do so.  :)


We had skyped a while already when I finally had put my nerves together and asked her if I could ask her some questions. She was like ‘Oh, I’m sorry. I not even asked you if you had any.’ I right away told her that it’s okay. I love the just chatting a lot but that I promised other fans to ask her something.

I started with the question if there is the chance that she might attend a Convention this year. She said she’d love to and she’ll see but she has been invited to one and was supposed to go in October. (You so know what right away popped up into my head! It must have been RingCon and I WAS THERE!!!! Damn it!!!!!) She right away added that it was in Germany and my reaction: ‘OMG! You’re talking about RingCon! I have been there.’ She was totally excited about it and wanted to know if I met Bruce and I answered that I did. Besides of him I met Dayna, Allan and Craig. She again explained that she would have loved to go there because she so loves the cast and crew of Seeker and it would have been an amazing thing to see them again, catch up on everything and so on. But because of her pregnancy she wasn’t allowed to go by plane so she had to cancel everything.

Next thing that was supposed to come was me telling her that I attended the stunt workshop of Dayna and Allan at RingCon and she wanted to know what we did and if we fought with Dacras. I was like ‘No, we didn’t have any Dacra there but we did some punches and stuff.’ And I didn’t forget to tell her about the choreography we had to learn at the end of the workshop. She was really excited about me talking about the stunt workshop.

I of course told her that Dayne is attending RingCon again this year and that a group of some people (me included) bought the Sister of the Dark costumes and that we’re supposed to do the workshop in the costumes this time. :D She got the more excited and told me about how annoyed the stunt woman were about the veils of the Sister of the Dark costumes. It was so annoying because the others couldn’t tell how far their faces are really away. It must have been really difficult. And same about the Mord’Sith. I told her that I had no clue how anybody can fight in those costumes at all and we both started laughing.


My second question was the one about the present we sent to her for Frankie Jean... She of course wanted to know what we sent her so I told her some kind of baby blanket with Frankie’s name stitched into it. I wasn’t even able to continue and tell her about the shirts. *lol* She told me in her lovely voice that she hasn’t gotten it yet but that there are a lot of things in San Diego. She is supposed to go there in about two weeks and I hope we’ll hear about if she’s gotten it or not.

Although I didn’t have the chance to tell her about the shirts I couldn’t resist to tell her that one of the people those presents are off is such an amazing drawer and that she draw a pic of her and Frankie. I really insisted that she has to see that pic! She was like ‘Can you show it to me?’ but I had to tell her that I only have it on my laptop. She again told me that she will go to San Diego in about two weeks and that there are still a lot of things waiting for her.


When Frankie again looked directly into the webcam I could see her stunning blue eyes and told Bridget that it’s amazing how blue they are. Bridget agian smiled and said ‘Just like her mom!’ (I was like *flail* but of course didn’t say so *lol*) She told me that Frankie looks a lot like Bridget above her nose and that her nose and mouth are more like her daddies :D So cute!


Antoher thing that popped into my head was the question if she might be at the The Best and the Brightest preview in San Fransisco... She doesn’t know yet because it’s on a Thursday and she’s really busy during the week. Besides her husband has to work on that date and she doesn’t want to travel with Frankie on her own. There wouldn’t be anybody to take care of her. But she right now tries to convince a friend of her to go with her... So, I guess we’ll see if she can be or not. Don’t give up hope because she really badly wants to got here and she’ll try as hard as possible. :)


Next thing, I’m sure you’ll love me for asking. I wanted to know who that Aussie was she hugged some days/weeks ago! And yeah, it was Craig! :D She really laughed at my question but I couldn’t resist to ask. I so badly wanted to know. They met and went to a café. They caught up on their private life most of the time and of course Frankie was the main person/topic at their meet up! So I bet Craig held her and the way she talked about it Craig was really fascinated by the little girl. (Is it bad I’d love to get a pic??? *is praying*)

I kept asking if he has any new projects and she told me that he hasn’t yet but that he’s going to auditions, meeting people and so on. He doesn’t any longer have his long hair... She told me it was even longer than shoulder long and now he cut it like till above his ears. No clue what it exactly looks like though. And a really bad message for all the Craig fans out there... Bridget told me that she tried to convince Craig to get a twitter account but she WASN’T successful. He doesn’t want to get one because he’s way to private. Same as with Tab. L So no, you don’t have to wait any longer. I’m so sorry.

After asking her about Craig I wanted to know if she’s another project and she said she has. *yay* It’s an indipendent movie that will be shot in NYC.

I of course wanted to know if she is allowed to keep her red hair therefore or if she has to dye it again. She laughed and told me that the director of the movie contacted her a while ago and asked her if she now has red hair again. She was like ‘Yeah.’ and from this moment on she didn’t hear anything else of him. *lol* So she really has no clue but she wants to keep it. She wanted to have her hair color back because it’s like some kind of symbol for her for being family Bridget... The way she descibted it was so lovely and I understand her even better now. I told her that I love her with the red hair and the dark hair the same. It both suits her really well.


In the meanwhile Frankie started to whine, obviously because it was so hot so Bridget started to undress the little girl right in front of the webcam. So cute. She just told me that she feels really hot and that it because really warm ther as well. She excused for having to do that and I assured her that it’s no problem at all.

Besides she let me know that Frankie normally is a good sleeper but that she woke up the last night and was like babbling and drumming her hands against the bed. The girl is so cute. Bridget and her bf/hubby were like ‘Urgh, go back to sleep, Frankie.’ She laughed a lot while she was telling me the story.


She as well told me that there was a donater (a woman) that didn’t want to skype with her but instead did some kind of interview about her make up in Legend of the Seeker. I right aways was like ‘OMG! That’s Lynne/Carolin!’ I told her that she has all her Legend of the Seeker costumes and she was like ‘I know! She has my whole wardrobe!’.

She wanted to know if I had seen the interview online anywhere but I hadn’t and told her so. She said she really hopes that it was okay what she gave away and I should look out for the stuff being ‘released’. I told her I would. :)


And that’s the point where we were talking for 34 minutes already. She told me she wished she could continue talking to me but she has to go to some kind of appointment with Frankie. So I waved into the webcam and said ‘Bye Frankie!’ Afterwards I said my goodbyes with Bridget, again thanked her for her generosity and she as well waved at me, gave me that special smile of her and then the desktop went blank... She was gone.


It definitely was the most amazing experience in my life and I know if there ever again will be that kind of opportunity I’ll again invest that money. She’s beyond lovely, soo damn nice and easy to chat with. I wish I had some more time to prepare myself there for because I forgot to tell her something really important to me (stupid me!!! *pout*). But really, thanks again to the wonderful Bridget Regan for making this day so special for me!

Written by Kristina (@L_H_Graham

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