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Off-Broadway Camp Wanatachi Opens Jan. 21

Posted by Confessed4Life on Wednesday, January 19, 2011 Under: CAMP WANATACHI
New summer camp-inspired musical Camp Wanatachi will run off-Broadway from Jan. 21 to Feb. 6 at the La Mama Experimental Theatre Club in New York City. The Natalie Elizabeth Weiss creation “follows the story of 14 year-old Jana—an impetuous, pubescent Christian. This summer, Jana’s world is turned upside down when her friendship with Titi O’Malley—a promiscuous, bulimic beauty— challenges her faith and forces her to wrestle with desires she’d rather leave under the covers. Under an idyllic sky and fueled by roasted marshmallows, a cast of eccentric campers and counselors struggle to understand what love truly means.” For more information, visit


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