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New/Old magazine article scanned and translated

Posted by Jorge (SeekerBuddy) on Friday, March 9, 2012 Under: Interviews

Finally getting around to scanning a few magazine articles we have on Bridget. (This is one of three) Italian to English translation will be provided below. (Bethany texted me the translations; she wants to make sure that you all know that "there very well may be mistakes.") :)

"Kahlan has changed my life."

Dreamed of breaking through to Broadway, but the fate has brought her to New Zealand. And now the actress admits: A character so worth any sacrifice.

She was convinced that his artistic career was stopping in the Broadway stage. Not sure that one day he thought, from New York, was catapulted into the forests of New Zealand. And now Bridget Regan, the American actress who plays Kahlan in the fantasy series The Sword of Truth (on Tuesday), discovers how beautiful she had been mistaken.

"I grew up watching musicals on TV: I stand in front of the screen to sing and dance. Even as a child I dreamed of doing that. I never imagined a fantasy series that I would have liked so much, it has never been my thing."

From New York to the forests:

The TV series has been a remarkable change for the actress. After years of acting studies began when she was still in high school, Bridget had left her family in California and moved to New York to devote herself to theater. Here she also got small parts on Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Sex and the City: "Then, almost all of a sudden, I found myself down' else in the world with a starring role and live in open country ... Imagine the shock."

A lifestyle far away from the city, punctuated by the rhythms of the shows: "In New Zealand I woke up at 'dawn, I was surfing, hiking through the woods, and nine in the evening I was already in bed."

Cupid Has Used The Sword:

Yet to continue to work on the sword of truth would be willing to sacrifice because, she says, "For the first time I heard that a role was tailored for me: I love the character of Kahlan as never happened to me." And speaking of favorites, the series has appeared as Cupid for Regan. On set in New Zealand, in fact, she met her current boyfriend, from which, last December, had a daughter, Frankie Jean.

Dreaming of Ireland:

If affected, and proceed career is booming (and just out in the U.S. The Best and The Brightest, a film that sees the protoagonisiti with Neil Patrick Harris), a dream to make Bridget there; have: to live for a while 'in Ireland, land of origin of her family to whom she feels very connected, "My mother and her sisters have deep Catholic roots. As for me, my hair is red like fire: The looks that show off work and when the result of patient, long work of a skilled hairdresser... "

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