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NBC's “Frontier” Pilot

Posted by Confessed4Life (Bethany G) on Friday, April 20, 2012 Under: Projects
It begins as what could be an interesting period ensemble western, but devolves into a murky supernatural drama. The show appears to be working towards the goal of getting these people to their intended destination -- in one piece, fingers crossed -- but throwing in a mysterious figure wearing a coat of the scalps of blonde women and a child having visions of rivers running red with blood just makes it seem like the creators didn't know when to pull back.

 Now, the question is:  Even though The Frontier looks stunning visually, will NBC pick up a Western (albeit an unconventional one), especially with CBS on track to greenlight a period drama, Ralph Lamb, with a 20th century cowboy as its lead?

 Sources: huffingtonpost and Deadline

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