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My Skype with Bridget Regan: By Confessed4Life <3

Posted by Confessed4Life (Bethany G) on Friday, March 25, 2011 Under: Skypes with Bridget
So I get the call right, and instantly my heart stops and I'm staring at the answer button for like 30 seconds straight before I actually gathered the nerve to hit answer. Then I hear her voice and I swear OMG I just about died when she said my name. lol

(To the best of my memory this is what was said AND I know that it won't be exact, because my mind is still a little bit on cloud 9, but as far as I remember at this moment, this is what happened...Excuse any spelling mistakes, I can't seem to spell to save my own silly life)

Bridget: ... It's a lot of fun, actually, I've done- You're the fourth person I've talked to today, so it's been really fun so far. All ladies-

Me: *laughs* Really?

Bridget: Yes, the ladies are my fans man

Me: *laughing* Yeah, I can see how that would be...

Bridget: Yeah, so your Skype's name is Confessed4Life, is that right?

Me: Yeps!

Bridget: Umm That's really cute.

Me: *dies* Thank You! I thought it was rather clever.

Bridget: And uh, did you send my daughter Frankie a pink bear?

Me: Yes I did! I can't believe you got that!

Bridget: Thank you so much.

Me: You're welcome! *fan girl flails on the inside*

Bridget: I just got it, my uh my mom and my sister collect all the fanmail stuff and I just got it, thank you.

Me: Awes, you're welcome, I bought it and then they said that they couldn't send it to P.O. Boxes and I was like, you you emailed me and said you sent it! So I was afraid that you wouldn't get it.

(And because her answers are longer now, I don't think I will be able to get them exactly right, but I will do my best!)
Bridget: Oh, That's weird because I've got a lot of other packages, I think I need to tell her to make it to where I can receive parcels, I think because I've heard from other fans saying they sent stuff and then it got like sent back, but I do get those sometimes so, Anyways this is boring, let's talk about important things. What are your questions Bethany? What do you want to know?

Me: *brain goes dead* I uh- Uhhh Oh gosh, I had like four questions, I told myself not to forget to ask you and look there they go, running away from me. *facepalm* I can't remember a single one now.

Bridget: *laughs* (HER LAUGH IS SO FLIPPING AWESOME) Alright, so you love Legend of the Seeker, I'm guessing.

Me: Yes. Yes I do!

Bridget: What are your favorite episodes?

Me: I'm actually in love with Torn and Perdition.

Bridget: Torn! What? Yo! That's the shit right there.

Me: Yeah, it was brilliant!

Bridget: Thank you. That was a freakin hard week, let me tell you somethin'. I was like, who am I? What am I wearing, who am I, am I wearing eye liner? Am I bad Kahlan or good Kahlan?

Me: You did a fantastic job!

Bridget: Thank you. It was a lot of fun. I had a great great time. It was a fun, fun week. It was great, like afterwards, like my makeup artist was working just as hard as I was because like all day long, she was having to switch me back and forth and it was really different, like different eye makeup, different hair styles, you know? And so I was also like buried in my script because it was just so much material. And at the end of the shoot, I like brought in a bottle of whine and I like plunked it down on the makeup table and opened it up and we drank it like, like you worked just as hard as I did dude, we were like hustling all week. It was fun though.

Me: Well it looked great! Brilliant job.

Bridget: Thank you.

(Insert the awkward silence that I was afraid of)
Me: *facepalm* Oh yeah! I was meaning to ask about Frankie Jean! How is she doing?

Bridget: She's sleeping right now. My husband put her to sleep, so she's three months old as of, uh... three weeks ago I think it was. So she's three months and I think she's great. She's started smiling, she like talks now, she'll hear something and be like *B mimics a few sounds* like that and um like there are certain little toys that she really responds to, like um like she'll laugh at them and if you hold her up, she'll like stand on her legs and um she's doing really good. She's really turning into a really like a really proper girl now. You know like when they're newborns they're so like, I mean they're just the most vulnerable thing in the world, you know. They're just like they need everything from you and now she's starting to have like a personality and like certain things and she doesn't like other things. So yeah, she's doing really great. But now, I'm like Okay, I've been a mommy for three months straight and I miss acting and I'm thinking about getting back into it really soon.

Me: Pretty soon as in Soon soon or like soon sometime after soon? (Brilliant I know. =P)

Bridget: Well the thing is, like you know how it is. When you do something it takes a little bit of time for it to be on television, so you have to be a little bit patient, but I have been made an offer to do a movie, so we'll see if it's any good.

I've got red hair now, what do you think?

Me: It looks beautiful

Bridget: Thank you. I had to go back, it's like I don't know. I just feel like I needed to make a change. I should have made it look a lot prettier today because I'm talking to all of you guys

Me: It looks nice.

Bridget: I don't know, It's doing something weird right here *plays with some of her hair*

Me: It's just being original. *laughs at my own stupidness*

Bridget: *laughs* Yeah, it's being creative.
(She said some other things but OMG I can't remember what they were?! *cries* I will edit this part later if and when I remember)
So you're twenty-two are you in school? What are you up to?

Me: *Slightly lowers head in shame* No, I'm not in school. Not now. I want to go to film school and so I can't afford it right now. I'm saving... Slowly.

Bridget: What film school?

Me: At this point any will do. *laughs* I wanted to go to the LA film school, but when I saw the price I just about had a heart attack.

Bridget: So what do you want to do? Writing? Directing? What?

Me: Well, Writing, directing, producing and acting... Everything! I just love that world so much I just want to be a part of it.

Bridget: Right, right, right. Cool. Yeah, well that's what you need, passion for it.

Me: Yeah, so right now I just babysit my niece, she's uh.. five months old now. It's a lot of fun.

Bridget: Yeah, yeah yeah, so is that like what you do? You're like a nanny?

Me: Yeah, that and I'm a webmaster.

Bridget: Oh cool.Great. So you're on the computer a lot huh?

Me: Yeah, maybe like twenty three hours a day. *laughs at my lameness*

Bridget: No way.

Me: No really, my laptop rarely every goes off. I don't want to miss one of your tweets. *laughs*

Bridget: So um, do you have any websites that I should check out? Like that have Confessed4Life stuff on it?

Me: Ha! Yes, Actually.

Bridget: What?! I love it! I'm going to totally write that down. I'm going to look at it. I swear I will. I swear Bethany I will.

Me: *makes small fangirl squee and tried to hide it with laughter* Oh I believe you.

Bridget: I think that's like a cute. Confessed4Life!

Me: Why thank you! I think I spent like three hours on picking that. *laughs*

Bridget: (Again, once I fully remember what she said, I will update this but here goes what I do remember) I uh, I want you to get to- What do you want to talk about?

Me: Oh! *hard facepalm* The Best and The Brightest! What was that like?

Bridget: I just talked to the producer today actually, he wants me to go to some more stuff-

Me: (Takes opportunity to pimp my city) You should so come to the one here in Houston!

Bridget: Actually, he told me that there was one in Houston.

Me: And you should come! *bats eyelashes*

Bridget: Okay, I'll see what I can do. It's just hard with the wee babe. We have to sort it out. I've got this tiny little appendage that has to come with me everywhere I go. Um, so yeah that one's coming up I think it's the second to the last week of April, so I'm going to try to go to that one. *Me dies* But if I can't there's another one all over. So um We'll see, but um he told me- He was telling me that uh, there were fans in Houston- Maybe it's just you though, maybe you are just like my fan in Houston. So like represent-

Me: Actually no. I mean, I would love to say that it's just me and that I'm the only awesome one here, but it's not just me. *laughs* When I would sit at Starbucks and make people request the movie in our area, they were always like, I haven't heard of it, so no and I would be like, but it's got Bridget Regan in it! And that always got their attention and then before they knew it they were requesting and I was buying them coffee! It's great. You have quite a lot of fans here. Everywhere really. We just love you.

Bridget: Awe. That's like really sweet Bethany. Thank you. I'm going to try to come to Houston now, just because of you, because that is just really sweet.

(And because that was so dang awesome I can't remember for the life of me what we talked about after that for a while.... I'm sure it will come back to me so once again I say that this will one day be edited to what we talked about and what not Actually, Frankie Jean woke up so B went and got her and then came back...)

Me: Oh goodness, my friend will just kill me if I do not ask about Mr. Craig Horner!

Bridget: Craigee! His hair is long now, it's like touching his shoulders. He looks great, he looks like really beach-y, you know and uh, he's doing really great. I uh I know that he went back to Australia for a little while and now he's back in West Hollywood and we just keep trying to meet up, because he wants to see the baby. But he's uh, he's going extremely well from what I hear. I haven't seen him since Frankie was born so, yeah. The whole gang is doing well so, yeah.

Me: Oh, I seriously hope I don't forget any of that. It would break my friends heart. Ten minutes from now, I'm going to be like, what did she say?

Bridget: No you're not. No you're not. What's on your T-Shirt?

Me: *Looks down to remember if I even am wearing a shirt lol* Oh, Michael Jackson. *laughs*

Bridget: What?! That's awesome!

Me: I put on like twenty different shirts and I was like, what do I go with?! So I just closed my eyes and picked one. *laughs*

Bridget: That is so awesome. I love it. You are so sweet Bethany.

Me: *flails and squees on the inside while smiling like an idiot* Thank You. I try!

Bridget: You don't need to try. I love it. King of Pop right there, Boom!

Me: He's awesome! Did you see This Is It?

Bridget: Oh, a thousand times. I uh, I've watched it so many times. *Looks down to Frankie in her arms* Hi baby. (Mommy B is sooooo cute! *flail*) Do you want to see her?

Me: *Tries to contain excitement* Sure! *I didn't hide it well lol*

Bridget: Only for you. *Picks up Frankie and holds her up so I can see her* Here she is! (OMG seriously the cutest baby I have ever seen!)

Me: *squee* Awes! She is adorable! Oh gosh, so cute! Hi Frankie! *waves to the baby*

Bridget: She looks like her daddy with her chubby cheeks. *laughs*

Me: Oh wow, she's so cute!

Bridget: Thank you!

Me: Awes! She's just so little! Little B!

Bridget: She is little. She's just a little guy. She's just like staring at the computer now, because of the bright light. *laughs* I want to keep talking to you for ages, but I've got this like list. They've got me scheduled like, you know, like boom, boom, boom.I'm like knocking them out tonight. Boom, boom, boom so, I've got to call this guy and I've only talked to women and now I'm going to talk to a guy, what if it's weird? I hope not. *laughs* Hopefully it's not weird. Fingers crossed.

Me: Well, thank you so much. This was great!

Bridget: I hope to see you again and I uh, Houston, Texas, I hope to make it out there and I uh seriously can't thank you enough for all the support and I can't wait to check out the website and thank you for the little pink bear for Frankie and everything. Thank you so much. *blows me a kiss that made my little fangirl heart go squee crazy*

Me: You're welcome! Thank you! Byes! *waves*

AND END! I know that I forgot a few things, but I will try to go back to add them later! <3

And for those of you who are wondering, B's laugh is so contagious! I mean, she smiles and you smile and she laughs and you laugh. She's wonderful! <3

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