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My Skype session with Bridget Regan: By bendyourspoon

Posted by Confessed4Life (Bethany G) on Tuesday, March 29, 2011 Under: Skypes with Bridget
So, of course, just my luck… the session started with technical difficulties. My scheduled time was set for 6:40. I got out of class a little before 6, and after grabbing some dinner, I got back to my dorm right at 6. And I got overexcited and pulled up Skype right away, even though there was plenty of time. Well 6:40 comes along and I’m staring at my Skype, and staring and staring, and nothing happens. I started to get worried so I checked my e-mail, and I had an e-mail from Ian Pai(the guy organizing all of this), and he said that Bridget was trying to call me and she said I was offline. I sent him a message back saying that I was online and I wasn’t receiving any calls. Well, it wasn’t long after that that I did get the call, and I probably pressed “Answer” wayyyy too quickly.

As soon as I saw her, though, I knew it was going to be amazing. And, ok, so you know how Bridget is freaking gorgeous on LotS? Well, I think she looks even better without the TV makeup, and with her natural hair color. Might I add, I might have to give up my “Blondes only” policy on celebrity girlcrushes. Her red hair looked amazing.

She asked me where I was, and I said San Luis Obispo. She got excited and said it wasn’t too far from where she was, in L.A. And, I mean, I guess in the grand scheme of things, it is REALLY close, but it didn’t feel like it driving from LA to SLO yesterday. Actually, that was only ¾ of the journey. But that has nothing to do with Bridget, so I’ll shut up about that now.

She thanked me for donating to Camp Wanatachi, and said, “I take it you’re a Seeker fan.” I was really going to try hard not to completely fangirl right in front of her, but as soon as she said those words, there was no hope for me. But she was super sweet, and she didn’t say anything.

She asked me what my favorite episode was and I immediately said “Denna!” She laughed, and said that the fight scene at the end was amazing. She said she and Jess had so much fun with that scene, and that they were singing and dancing while fighting. I got super jealous of her, I mean… um.

She asked me what else, and I told her I liked them all. She didn’t believe me. She said, “Don’t lie. Not every episode of Seeker is good. The magical painting episode? Not one of Seeker’s finest moments!” I didn’t want to contradict her, but I really do enjoy every single episode. Yes, even the magical painting episode.

But she really wanted to know more of my favorite episodes, so I told her I really liked the first two episodes and that my friend from twitter (@colormytv) told me to watch them, and I was hooked right away. She told me to thank my friend(and I did right after we hung up!)

She wanted to know what else my friends from twitter wanted to know. I asked her what her favorite behind the scenes moment from LotS was. She said it was funny when she had to dress up a mord-sith and asked me if I remembered it (I didn’t say it, but I wanted to say “yeah! Like I’d forget that!”) She also said the first time she walked out in the darker dress in season 2 and everyone had just been so used to seeing her in the white dress. She also said she had lots of fun with Bruce. She said they talked about theater, and that they both read the newspaper and would talk about what’s going on in the world. And she said since I had said Denna was my favorite episode she had Jess on her brain (me, too, Bridget. Me, too.)

I also told her that everyone wanted her to be Wonder Woman on the new series. She told me she had heard about that, but she thinks they had Adrianne in mind from the beginning, since she’s worked with NBC for so long. She said she’d just be Wonder Woman in real life (I could have died happy right there!) She also said, “But I have red hair now.”

I told her I liked her red hair, and that all my family had red hair. She told me that her hair was dirty because she had just been working out, and she didn’t want to shower because she didn’t want to go on Skype with wet hair. She said that she’s trying to grow out her bangs right now and that they used to look like mine. Then she said she really liked mine, and it’s not every day one of my favorite celebrities gives me a compliment, so I was a really happy girl.

She noticed the bunk beds behind me and asked if I had a roommate. I told her yes, and she said that she had a roommate her first year of college, and thinking back on it, she doesn’t know how she survived that long living in such close proximity with someone else (I know the feeling). She told me that on the very first night of college, her roommate went to a party and came back with a boyfriend, and they dated for years. She said that they were always in the room, and she got stuck outside so much that she ended up making friends with everyone in the hall. She said obviously I didn’t have the same problem since I’m Skyping in the room. I told her my roommate’s boyfriend lives in Orange County and she said “Nice.”

I asked her if she had any upcoming projects, and she said that she was offered the role in a movie, and that it’s an ensemble cast piece. She said she has an amazing character and she really likes the script. They’re going to film in New York, but she doesn’t know when yet. She said she also started going to auditions for television, but she didn’t think she was going to get anything. She said auditions are the worst and one time, she had to read a scene with 5 characters, and there was only one casting director to read all the other lines, so she had to pretend that various objects around the room.

I told her that I really want to see The Best and The Brightest, and that I went to see Beastly the other day, and it had Neil Patrick Harris, and it made me want to see it even more. She told me it was coming out in LA soon and maybe I could come down and see it (I really wish I could, but I don’t think I can!) She said Neil Patrick Harris was really funny, and she was excited for him, because he just got twins. And then she said, “but I only had one baby.”

I asked her what it was like keeping her pregnancy a secret, and she told me it wasn’t that hard because she wasn’t famous enough to have paparazzi following her around all the time. She said there was a premiere and she wanted to just show up to it and surprise everyone with her pregnancy, and everyone thought it would’ve been really funny and awesome, but she got sick so she couldn’t go to the premiere. But she said they had made it that far, so they might as well take it all the way, and make it a big surprise to everyone. She said that she was pregnant when they were filming the last episode of LotS, and then she mentioned the fight scene with the Sisters of the Dark, when Kahlan was in the Con Dar, and she was on the horse, and she said she was pregnant during that, but it was okay because the baby was still really really tiny.

She said that Ian keeps her on a really tight schedule and that she hates it because once she gets to know someone it’s hard to stop talking to them. She asked if there was anything else I wanted to know, and I couldn’t think of anything. She said she just didn’t want to hang up and then have me remember something and have it be too late. But I really couldn’t think of what else to say, and we were already over 15 minutes. I told her it was really nice to meet her and she said it was really nice to meet me, too. She said that I was really sweet, and that I had the cutest laugh. And, I swear, people tell me this on purpose, because whenever anyone tells me that, it just makes me laugh even more, and now Bridget Regan knows my kryptonite! Well, better her, than lots of other people.

She said bye for a really long time and I said bye while she was still saying bye, and I didn’t stop until she stopped, and then she blew me a kiss. After she hung up, I was smiling like crazy for a long time, and then after I calmed down somewhat (because, let’s face it, I’m still not completely calm) I started typing this. Phew.

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