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Marvel's Agent Carter: Bridget Regan on Dottie's Return and What She Thinks of Peggy

Posted by C4L Admin on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 Under: Interviews

We haven’t seen the deadly Russian spy Dottie Underwood (Bridget Regan) since the Agent Carter season premiere a few weeks back, but she returns in a big way Tuesday night, in two back-to-back new episodes.

These episodes find Peggy (Hayley Atwell) needing help and with few options, leading her to make a desperate move by looking for none other than Dottie to assist her and Jarvis (James D’Arcy) on a vital mission.

IGN has an exclusive clip from the episode, as a disguised Peggy first approaches the imprisoned Dottie – who certainly seems excited to see her enemy.

I spoke to Regan about Dottie’s return and what viewers can expect from this unusual situation. Regan discussed just what’s at the root of Dottie’s constant flirtatious vibe with Peggy, working alongside James D’Arcy -- as Whitney and Jarvis go undercover (and dance!) together -- and more, including what it was like for the actress to discover her character was part of the Black Widow program back in Season 1.

IGN: When Peggy comes to Dottie with this offer, what do you think is going through Dottie’s mind?

Regan: I don’t think Dottie could be more delighted in that moment than when she sees Peggy walk through that door, in that wig, in her little doctor outfit. It’s so absolutely fun for her that she gets to be in a position of power because Peggy is obviously coming to her for help and there is nothing more fun for Dottie than that moment. She’s kind of obsessed with Peggy, to put it politely, and wants to, obviously, get out of jail. This new turn of events is absolutely delicious.

IGN: What do you think is the root of that obsession? Dottie's very flirty with Peggy. Is that genuine? Is it just that she sees her as an equal and likes to mess with her or is there actual attraction there on Dottie’s part?

Regan: I wouldn’t call it a sexual attraction, but Dottie is a sexual creature and she uses flirtation and her feminine prowess as one of her tools that she uses. Her relationship with Peggy is very unique. She’s never seen anyone like her before and she’s never been beaten before. There’s this competitive but playful obsession with her. She knows that to be on top she has to beat Peggy and the last time Dottie saw Peggy, she lost. So there is this need to beat her. So Dottie does want to get under her skin. She tries to make her feel uncomfortable and that might be with a look or a glance or what she says. It’s such a great relationship. I love how it’s written because she really does like her a lot. It’s fascinating and she’s like the rest of us, the audience. She’s really drawn to this character and wants to be near her. It’s a lot of fun to play because Hayley is so talented and strong and playful in terms of when we’re doing the scenes and I love working with her.

IGN: This episode also involves Dottie and Jarvis working together. Can you talk about this very unusual dynamic?

Regan: You mean my date? [Laughs] It was so fun working with James. We had to waltz, which was hilarious to begin with. We had a lot of rehearsal and got to practice and had our choreography. James is a sweetheart and very funny. I love this season that they’re writing more comedy for him in particular, because he’s so funny. When Peggy sends Dottie on this mission, it’s just so fun. First of all, it’s very easy for her. Not many things are hard for Dottie, so it’s all just good fun. So she’s going to this event with Jarvis partially to complete the mission, but we’ll see what else happens…

IGN: The preview shows Dottie coming face to face with Whitney. These are two very strong characters, with very different abilities. Anything you can say about what it will be like when they meet and what they might make of each other?

Regan: That’s a mystery because Dottie doesn’t know anything about Whitney. She doesn’t know about Zero Matter. She has no idea. So in that moment, Dottie’s human. She’s like everybody.One of my favorite things about Dottie is that she doesn’t have special powers; same thing with the Black Widow character, Natasha Romanoff. One of the reasons I love this character is that she doesn't have any special things she can do. They’re just real bad asses. It’s interesting that Whitney and her are forced to come together because Dottie encounters her just like any other character would.

IGN: When you were cast, at what point did you even know that your character was a Black Widow and when was that revealed to you compared to when the audience found out?

Regan: I didn’t know she was a Black Widow when I auditioned but I quickly knew after I was cast, because they told me I needed to change my hair - because I had red hair at the time and they didn't want it to be a tip to the audience, because of Natasha. They didn’t want to imply that every Black Widow had red hair and they didn’t want the audience to see it coming.

IGN: I saw the dress that you wear in this week’s episode when I visited the set and we stopped by the costume shop. It’s really great looking, with that red on black Black Widow nod to it.

Regan: Yeah. Giovanna [Melton] is an absolute genius. Every costume I wore on that show is so detailed and thought out and gorgeous. You can already see people dressed up like this character at Comic-Con. She creates iconic looks that are a nod to the Black Widow and also so perfect for the period and the setting. She’s incredible.

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