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Legend of the Seeker tells tale in 3D Lenticular

Posted by ConfessedMoneky on Wednesday, February 10, 2010 Under: Random


Disney ABC Television came to Big3D when they needed one company who could handle all aspects of a fast-turn lithographic 3D project with variable data, while simultaneously producing large-format 3D mall kiosks with kitting and fulfillment needs. The project specs were as follows:

UV Offset Litho Cards:
- 1 million cards featuring three different art versions printed 4/4
- Variable Data on the back side -- unique alpha-numeric code
- Die cut and shrink wrapped

RGB Photo Posters:
- One-sheet posters on Super 3D lens -- amazing depth

RGB Photo Super-size Kiosk displays:
- 48"w x 72"h mall kiosk displays using a Big3D-exclusive rollable lens design
- Featured removable overlay for display repurposing
- Kitting and fulfillment for major-market distribution

Legend of the Seeker Taking the project in stride, Big3D churned out one million Legend of the Seeker promotional cards, each bearing variable data on the back in the form of a unique alpha-numeric code. Bearers of each card could the check their code on the show's website so see if they were winners in an Apple iTunes give-away. Also produced were 20,000 3D postcards for a Legend of the Seeker direct mail campaign.

Meanwhile, the large-format division of Big3D was busy creating one-sheet 3D posters plus two hundred 48" x 70" 3D mall kiosk lenticular displays in a major-market indoor ad campaign. Each kiosk featured a removable transparent overlay promoting local television affiliate information. The overlays were removed at the end of the mall campaign so the lenticulars could be reused.

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