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Legend of the Seeker new spoilers from scifi magazine

Posted by Confessed4Life on Monday, April 5, 2010 Under: Spoilers
"We have delivered and I think will continue to deliver greatest production value for the audiencie", says executive producer Keneth Biller. "I think the show has really locked great, I've been extremely happy with what we've delivered in terms of visual effects, action and spectacle. I also think it's been a very interesting season in terms of getting under the skin of these varied characters" In upcoming episodes Richard is forced to make a terrible choice, we learn dark secrets about Zedd's youth and Craig Parker plays dual roles.
In DESECRATED we'll run into a coll new creature, "It's a Seeker twist on a classic creature. That's very, very scary. And Richard is put in a very difficult moral dilema, where in order to save Kahlan and Cara, he's told he'll have to kill five innocent men" Then in VENGANCE, we'll return to Zedd's youth to lear some shocking and dark secrets that he's been keeping. Gabriel man return and Jonh Rhys Davies guest star as a misterious man claming to hold the key to Richard's quest.
And in WALTER we get a double dose of Craig Parker in a stand-alone adventure", says Biller.
"The last four episodes are going to be a really compelling and satisfying epic payoff to the quest that was set up at the very beginning of the season to the various conflicting prophecies that we have heard abour Richard's fate. The Seeker and the Mother Confessor will, in fact, find the Stone of tears.
The question is, will they be able to get it where it needs to be in time to stop the Keeper from achieving his ultimate victory? They are going to find themselves with some very unlikely adversaries, as well as some very unlikely allies", says Biller.
"And maybe there might be a wedding (laughs)"

Source scifi magazine

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