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LEGEND OF THE SEEKER Fans to Buy a “Thank You/Please Reconsider” Ad in a Trade Publication

Posted by Confessed4Life on Thursday, April 29, 2010 Under: Season 3

Posted on 28 April 2010 by Brent Hartinger, Editor

The syndicated fantasy show Legend of the Seeker hasapparently been canceled, but fans of the program aren’t giving up on the possibility of a third season. They’re currently organizing a campaign to purchase an ad in a trade publication such as Varietyor Hollywood Reporter.

“The purpose of the ad is two-fold,” says Laura Ventura, one of the project organizers. “To thank the cast, crew and all those who made Seeker possible, and to demonstrate to potential networks the depth of the fans’ loyalty.”

Such a full-page ad in Variety would cost $6,244; a half-page ad would cost $3,739. Ventura says that the same ads in Hollywood Reporter may be cheaper.

As of earlier this evening, the effort had already raised $1000.

For more information, or to donate, go here.

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