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Legend of the Seeker' fans not allowing cancelation news to stop their passion for the show

Posted by Confessed4Life on Thursday, April 29, 2010 Under: Season 3

Bridget Regan in 'Legend of the Seeker'
Bridget Regan in 'Legend of the Seeker'
(c) ABC, 2010

Fandoms don't go quietly into the night when their favorite programs receive less than favorable news! With CBS' Jericho, avid watchers sent the network bags of nuts after the show faced early cancelation. It bought them some time, but the series still came to an end only a handful of episodes later. Life Unexpected fans are already rumbling should The CW's May upfronts announcements be less than favorable for the freshmen family drama. Now, thoughLegend of the Seeker  fans are topping headlines about campaigns to save their favorite show.

The series, based on "The Sword of the Truth" books, was declined for renewal on March 4 2010 by the Tribune Company. At that time ABC had not decided the fate of the show. Fans began taking to Twitter to plead for petition signatures and media coverage so the show would have a fighting chance. When it was announced earlier this week that the show had officially been canceled, though, the fan efforts were stepped up quite a few notches!

Now groups of virtual strangers who came together over shared love of Legend... are organizing an ad campaign in a trade publication-- either Variety or The Hollywood Reporter. They are asking anyone who wants to see a third season of the sci-fi show to send in a donation towards the running of the ad, which, according to one fan is a "Thank You [for the program] and Please Reconsider [the cancelation]."

This group has already raised $3000 which is almost the cost of a half-page ad in such a publication, but they show no signs of slowing down! Their campaign doesn't stop at raising money for this ad, though; they are also out to spread awareness of the show in general, perhaps hoping to recruit even more to their fandom. It is being reported that some of the show's crew has even jumped on board to help promote these efforts through Twitter, Facebook, blogging, etc. You can learn more on their official website.

In Los Angeles, Legend of the Seeker airs on Sundays at 4pm on The CW (KTLA).

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