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Justin Bieber, Julie Benz, Alyssa Milano, Eva Longoria & more blowing up Twitter for a good cause!

Posted by Confessed4Life on Monday, September 20, 2010 Under: Random

Bid for Bridget Regan here

What do pro skater Tony Hawk, teen singing sensationJustin Bieber, funny, pretty lady Aisha Tyler, beloved actress Julie Benz, fan favorite Bridget Regan, and basketball-turned-reality TV star Shaquille O'Neal have in common? A few things actually! They all Tweet and they are all as charitable as they are talented.

Starting yesterday, September 15 2010, almost two hundred celebrities joined forces to take part in a massive movement called "TwitChange." For the next ten days they will be auctioning off unique and one-of-a-kind Twitter packages that allow winners unique experiences like having a Twitter exchange with their favorite celebrity and/or being followed on Twitter (for a minimum of 90 days) by their favorite celebrity.

For the next ten days (until September 25 2010) you can bid on everyone from glee starsJenna Ushkowitz and Harry Shum Jr to musician Bret Michaels to Sophia Bush andAustin Nichols to Demi Lovato and a Jonas Brother. High bids on some of these packages are already past the thousand dollar mark so be sure to keep your eye on them to try to snag your favorite one before the lots close!

Community star Yvette Nicole Brown Tweeted this last night after the auction went live: "Much <3 to all of you who are making a difference via @TwitChange! For those who haven't yet, please bid on someone proceeds benefit Haiti!"

Many other celebrities involved in the charity auction have been speaking out to their followers about it, as well. Benz has been offering fans a taste at what chatting with her online would be like. Last night she responded to two fans who @replied her about the auction: "awwwww!!!! @m*********t Dear @juliebenz, if I didn't have rent and tuition, I would seriously empty my bank account to bid on you" and "I'm sure if you won we could work that out!! Bid!RT @n******2: @juliebenz I'd love to bid for my daughter (15) to have you follow her"

(fans' Twitter accounts have been censored to protect their privacy)

And always the savvy businesswoman, Alyssa Milano appealed to fans' own knowledge of and interest in celebrity endorsement. "I'll follow u, give u or ur business/blog a mention & RT 1 of your tweets...all for #Haiti. Info?" she Tweeted.

In these days of increasing importance on social media, celebrities get so many @replies daily they can't always look at or respond to all of them. But by bidding on (and winning) these packages, you ensure at least a brief interaction with your favorite star.

All proceeds from the TwitChange celebrity auction will provide the means to rebuild the Miriam Center. The Miriam Center houses, educates and loves on Haitian children with cerebral palsy, severe autism, and other major life challenges and is one of the only facilities of its kind in Haiti. The current facility houses children in the earthquake?s aftermath and is extremely over crowed. These kids need and deserve a permanent home.

These days so many of us spend more hours on social media sites like Twitter than we do on the phone with our own friends and family, so why not take a moment to use it for good?

And please considering LA TV Insider Examiner on Twitter, too!


To see the complete list of celebrities involved, go here.

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