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Bridget Regan Skype Experience: By Jennifer Messinger

Posted by Confessed4Life (Bethany G) on Saturday, March 26, 2011 Under: Skypes with Bridget
I was so excited for this opportunity to Skype with Bridget Regan being that she is my favorite actress. I was so nervous waiting for the call and when it did I squealed with delight and my husband told me I needed to calm down before I answered, which I did. Her voice came through the speakers saying my name and if the conversation ended there I probably could have died happy.

I will summarize the conversation in the order it happened, so this first stuff is about me which you may not find interesting but I will get to her next. My icon for Skype is one of my wedding pictures so the first thing she asked was if it was me and I told her it was and she asked when I got married and congratulated me which was amazing. She was holding her daughter who really was an amazingly cute baby. I said it looked like she would have red hair and Bridget said she could have whatever color hair she wanted but it woulds be cool if they matched. My cat, Milan, was nearby so I grabbed her to show her off and told Bridget I had two rabbits. One eventually jumped onto my bed behind me so I grabbed him and Bridget asked if he ran free and I explained that he did and he was litter trained which surprises most people.

So now about Bridget. She asked if I was a seeker fan which I am and she asked about favorite episodes which I love so many but could only remember Torn and Mirrors but she liked that. I told her I didn't actually like the show at first but it few on me. She said she was unsure of it too even though she loved her job because she thought it would be more dark like the books. And I said I didn't read the books until after the show but my husband did and that's why we watched it. She said to thank him and he was sitting right next to me and stuck his head in the camera to say hi. She asked I'd I had other questions but I said I did but after reading summaries of other peoples' skypes a lot got answered do she said that was fine we could just chat.

She asked where I was calling from and what I did. I asked if a Best and Brightest screening would be in DC and she didn't know but said she would try to go to more screening if she could. I told her if there were any in Rhode Island, DC or New Jersey I had a place to stay and could go. She said she had never been to RI but had been to New Jersey outside New York to visit friends and this started an awesome conversation.

We started talking about commercials she used to do and one of them was a red lobster commercial that they shot in New Jersey (which I don't think I've seen) and she played a waitress. They shot overnight so she got there in a waitress uniform with makeup and all clean while the real waitresses were covered in butter and grease and tired after working all day.

I mentioned the Nyquil commercial she was in ( because I have seen that one and she laughed (cutest laugh ever) because they kept telling her to be louder. But I said its cool because every time I take nyquil it reminds me of her. She said her husband often does an impression of her in that commercial when he needs nyquil. I had also remembered the pbs special she was in. I told her I had found these while searching for her on you tube and specified it was in a non creepy was and she had this cute understanding look. She said that the pbs special was funny because they fitted her for a top and hat but she was wearing jeans and flip flops underneath.

She asked if I had any more questions and said everyone is asking about Craig. I said tons of my twitter friends wanted me to ask about him. she said she had convinced him to get a twitter but he just hadn't done it yet. I said that would make tons of fans happy because there are tons of fake ones on twitter. She said that's weird and that people must have a lot of time on their hands. She said one time an old school friend and told her that she had sent a facebook message but Bridget said it wasn't her. I said there are tons of fan pages and I found them all and liked them all. She thanked me.

She asked if I had any more questions or if my hubby did and hubby asked what her goals were and she said she wanted to do TV and movies which exited me and told her I anxiously await the next thing she does. She thanked me and thanked me for my donation and said she had to go to the next person.

It was an amazing experience Bridget really is as nice as everyone says. I hope I have another chance to talk to her again but this was already more than I ever thought I could!

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