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It’s Official: LEGEND OF THE SEEKER Has Been Canceled

Posted by Confessed4Life on Thursday, May 13, 2010 Under: Season 3

There’s been some confusion floating around the blogosphere about whether or not the syndicated fantasy show Legend of the Seeker has really been canceled.

To set the record straight, it has been. I’ve heard it directly from the studio itself. “It is true that we won’t be producing a third season,” they told me.

I didn’t write another article to this effect because I’d already reported the news once and, frankly, I didn’t want to throw cold water on the efforts by fans to encourage the producers and studio to try to find a way to make a third season work.

In short, just because the show has been officially canceled, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be brought back to life, should the studio find another network or channel for it, or another way to make the finances work. It’s rare, but a few shows have been “resurrected” like this before.

The latest good news, a real feather in the cap of the Save Our Seeker effort, is that they’ve now raised enough money to place a second “save the Seeker” ad in a second industry publication. The ad will appear this Friday in The Hollywood Reporter.

The point of these ads, shrewdly conceived and cleverly executed, is to use the entertainment industry media to appeal directly to other financing entities.

Author Terry Goodkind hinted that the fan effort is having an impact. He specifically said in his letter of supportearlier this week that, “your words and efforts are getting notice.”

He’s in a position to know.

My personal “read” of all this is that a third season is a long shot, and the more time goes by, the more difficult it becomes, as actors and other talent line up new jobs for next year.

But it’s absolutely not impossible. I’m personally crossing my fingers very hard.

Update (in response to comments, below): Bridget Osterhaus, the show’s publicist at ABC Disney, has just confirmed my story for the third time: “No. A third season of Legend of the Seeker will not be produced.”

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