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IS THERE HOPE YET? ‘Seeker’ Star Bridget Regan On Show Cancellation: ‘I Still Haven’t Been Released From My Contract!’

Posted by Confessed4Life on Wednesday, June 2, 2010 Under: Interviews


Bridget Regan is the queen of a gigantic and fervent fanbase — and she wants the ‘Legend of the Seeker’ fans to know they can still save the show …

Bridget Regan played the gorgeous, young warrior Kahlan on the syndicated drama Legend of the Seeker but ever since the show was cancelled in March, a huge campaign was started by her fans to help save the show! Bridget tells us that after two successful seasons of the show she was shocked it wasn’t renewed.

“It was doing really well in the second season,” says Bridget. “I thought our fan base was growing and especially how many countries were viewing the show … but I guess we needed out ratings on TV to be higher.”

The auburn beauty admits no one on the set would give her any answers as to why the show so suddenly came to a halt.

“I tried to get some answers,” she says. “It was not going to be produced by ABC unless someone else would come along and produce the show. I don’t know the whole of it … they haven’t told me … everyone was surprised by it.”

Bridget sadly recounted the day she heard the news. “One of the writers of the show told me … the main writer and we had a nice long talk about it and he was obviously very sad. I still haven’t even been released from my contract but I know it’s coming soon.”

Despite the sadness that comes along with the end of the show Bridget says she’s loved playing Kahlan! “I knew as soon as I read the breakdown that I would get the part,” says Bridget. “I knew that was me when I read the part of Kahlan.”

She wants all of her fans to know how much she appreciates them! “I want to thank my fans for their support and love and I hope they can enjoy what I do next and they are certainly a devoted bunch!”

If you want to save the Seeker then leave your ideas and comments below!

— Chloe Melas and reporting by Salimah Khoja

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