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Exclusive White Collar Season 5 Promo: "It's Time to Rebuild"

Posted by Confessed4Life Admin on Thursday, September 12, 2013 Under: Projects
New handler! New girl! It's safe to say Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) is getting a fresh start on the new season of White Collar.

Following Peter's arrest for murder and Sara's move to London in the Season 4 finale, the times will have changed quite a bit when Season 5 kicks off on Thursday, Oct. 17 (9/8c, USA).

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"It's time to rebuild the empire," as Neal's trusty right-hand man, Mozzie (Willie Garson), so aptly puts it in this exclusive new promo.

So does this mean Neal is really going back to "the life," as Mozzie would say? And who is he corrupting — and smooching — this upcoming season? Check out this exclusive teaser for Season 5:

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