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Exclusive: LEGEND OF THE SEEKER Not Canceled, Exploring Options for a Third Season

Posted by Confessed4Life on Tuesday, March 9, 2010 Under: Season 3

Posted on 08 March 2010 by Brent Hartinger, Editor

News of the death of Legend of the Seeker was premature.

A source close to the show tells that, contrary to the implication of some previous media reports, the show is definitely not canceled, the studio is interested in bringing it back for a third season, and that they’re actively exploring options to make that happen.

Legend of the Seeker is produced by ABC Studios, but is syndicated, offered to different media markets on a station-by-station basis. Last week, the Tribune Company, which owns 35% of the affiliates that currently air the show in the U.S., confirmed that their stations would not air a third season of the show.

Since Tribune makes up such a large percentage of the total number of affiliates that air Legend of the Seeker, including some major markets, this prompted a flurry of online speculation that the show itself would likely be canceled.

The public announcement by Tribune came in response to a fan-generated letter-writing campaign seeking to improve the show’s third season prospects. The company answered several of those letters with the news that their affiliates would not be carrying the show next year; several sources have since confirmed that news.

But’s source indicated that it is still too early in the year for the studio itself to have made a decision on the show and emphasized that they have definitely not given up and will seek to replace the Tribune affiliates.

Because renewal of a syndicated show involves signing up many different affiliates, last year’s “official” renewal announcement of Legend of the Seeker did not happen until well into spring.

The show’s ratings have been relatively strong this season, making a pick-up by competing Tribune stations a definite possibility.

The source also indicated that the producers of the show appreciate the passion and commitment of the fans.

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