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Exclusive Interview Part 1: Bridget Regan Answers Fan Questions

Posted by Confessed4Life on Monday, March 8, 2010 Under: Interviews

You had lots and lots (and lots) of questions for Bridget Regan and, as promised, the lovely leading lady ofLegend of the Seeker has taken the time to reply to 20-plus of them.  We at think you'll agree that her answers are by turns fun, serious and informative -- and this is only part one of our exclusive interview.

By the way, congratulations to reader Balaamsdonkey, whose very funny and observant question was chosen by Bridget as one of the two best submitted and who wins the first of our autographed photos of Bridget.  So here goes part one of the interview and be on the lookout for both part two and our second winner of a Bridget Regan-signed picture.


The first-ever scene in Legend of the Seeker shows you riding a horse through a beautiful countryside, chased by ugly D'Harans.  I think it drew a lot of people into the show.  When you shot it, did you know that scene was, in a sense, going to introduce the show and could possibly make or break it?  How much pressure did you feel shooting that scene?  (darkbahamut88)

Maybe it was a bit daunting.  I knew that it was the first time the audience would meet MY Kahlan.  The script said, "a fierce warrior of stunning beauty and great courage."  Needless to say, I had fallen in love with her, and I wanted to do her right.  Do her justice.  But in the last moment, I had to let that go.  (I had to) concentrate on getting to the boundary and finding (Richard) and putting the book in his hands...and cantering in a corset for the first time and not falling on my bum.


If you wandered in to the Valley of Perdition, what might you see as being your worst nightmares and fears coming to life?  And what do you think Kahlan would see?  (drummergirl)

I think Kahlan's worst fears wouldn't be that far off from what was happening to Richard (Craig Horner) in "Perdition."  Oh, I can't imagine poor Kahlan seeing Richard with a child and a wife he loves.  Heartbreaking!


Even though so many of us adore the show, there are some fans of the book series who complain that the show is far too different.  What's your take on that?  (pristinelyungifted)

I can understand and sympathize.  "Eat, Pray, Love" was such a special book to me when I read it, and I'm a little scared to see the film for fear that it would change my memories of the book that I cherish so much.  But on the other hand, I so badly want to relive those moments and be inside them and the film will let me do that.  Books are a private, imaginative, and personal experience, where television is a collaborative and shared experience.  So I suppose a book is never going to be exactly the same as the memory.


You and Craig portray the feelings of love really well on the show and we know you're close friends, but seeing Kahlan and Richard so in love, how do you deal with it off set?  Do you just hang the role in the closet and leave it at that?  Ever wonder "what if?" in real life?  (dkrob)

Ha!  You sneaky, dirty little dog!  I certainly won't deny that I feel a very strong connection with Craig.  I have from the moment I met him.  It was like we knew that we were going to go on a journey together.  It's bizarre to say but, it's my job to be in love with him.  And when it's quiet and the camera is rolling and I am staring into his eyes and I am Kahlan/Bridget, I feel deeply and madly in love with Richard/Craig.  Yeah, I suppose it can be a gray area for a lot of actors.  Maybe that's why so many on-screen couples become off-screen lovers.  Our priority is making the show as good as it can be.  And I think we do a good job at keeping our priorities there.


Similar but different question: Is playing the more intimate/sex scenes easier now that you and Craig are friends, or was it easier earlier on when you two didn't know each other as well?  (nasmadie)

Those scenes have built in intensity over the past two seasons.  For me, each one has gotten easier and easier.  I think the comfort that Craig and I have with each other after spending almost two years together is in some ways similar to what has grown within R and K's relationship.  It's a familiarity and trust.  I will absolutely admit that it's much easier now that we are as close as we are.  I feel totally safe with him.


Do you enjoy browsing the fan-made art, videos, and other Seeker fandom things on the web?  (virkatjol)

I haven't seen much art other than the occasional piece of creative fan mail.  But I love YouTube.  Craig told me about a video that was a montage of Jessie and I cut to that song, "Hey, yo, you know I don't like your girlfriend..."  I don't know the real name of it.  I think it's Avril Lavigne.  It was hilarious!  Everybody on set was singing it all day.  I think it's so great when fans find the humor in the show.  Like Gay For Kahlan!  I live for that stuff.  I'm also an occasional sucker for the romantic and gushy vids.  Some of them are so beautifully made.  I can't believe how many of them there are and how much effort it must take to put them together.


From the books, what's the most powerful scene that helps you embody who Kahlan is?  And is there one scene from the books you've not yet done that to you must do before they call "Cut!" for the final time on the show?  (moridin)

When she goes into Con Dar in the end, it helps me find that animal in her and me, I suppose, and that otherworldly, cosmic and massive magic that embodies her.  Love that scene.  She is standing there, naked, with a limp, broken arm hanging by her side, conjuring magic and sprouting blue lighting out of her face.  C'mon!  How rad is that?  I have said it before, and I'll say it again, I adore the Spirit House scene when R & K are staying with the Mud People.  Um, who doesn’t?  I love that she wants him so much that she considers being with him and taking him with her power.  I love that she slips.  She lets her guard down, and for a moment, she is just a woman.  In the end, he stops her.  "First tell me what you are."  I love it!  They are the perfect match for each other.  When she falls, he's there.


You've said that your performance naturally changed by being around Tabrett Bethelland how she plays Cara.  When did you notice that really coming into play?  Was that something you discussed with the writers? (autumnrae89)

It was more like Kahlan's character has been changing.  Cara's presence in the group challenges Kahlan.  They butt heads often, but also have a mutual respect growing.  It's a complicated relationship and I love it.  I always hoped that Cara would be a main character in the show, as she is in the "Sword of Truth" series.  I am fascinated by the Mord'Sith.  I had a hard time letting Jess go.  We were all begging, "Can she stay?"  And then sassy Tab came along and it was like the stars aligned.  I love that there is another woman in the group.  She is a very different woman than Kahlan in many ways, and bizarrely similar in others.  There has recently been a crack in the shell that surrounds Cara, and Kahlan can see right through it.  They relate and empathize with each other on a level that maybe either of them doesn't want to admit…yet.  I am so thankful for Tab in my life every day.  She's funny, smart, and incredibly generous.


You've had the opportunity to play a strong, real character in a world where every decision is life and death, where everything about life matters because it can be gone in a second.  It's part of the reason why the characters' relationships are so personal and intense.  Has playing in this world and portraying Kahlan had an effect on your own outlook on life?  Has playing Kahlan inspired you to take more chances?  (silentwatchman)

I've never thought about that!  I think that maybe so.  Even today I was doing a scene where Kahlan was knocking on death's door.  It does make me think about what really matters.  I think I tell people I love them a whole lot more often than I used to.  More than inspiring me to take chances, playing Kahlan has made me stronger.  I hold my ground with more ease than I did before she was in my life every day.  She's not a woman you would want to be on the wrong side of.


How many times do you think Zeddicus (Bruce Spence) could say "Powerful Magic" in one episode?  (Balaamsdonkey)

Ha!  Ha!  That's brilliant.  He said it yesterday!  My friends have a drinking game for the show.  Play at your own risk: every time I yell out "RICHARD!"… and drink.  Every time the show cuts to a lush, beautiful landscape, shout/sing in your highest pitch possible, "NEW ZEALAND!" and drink.  Every time my hair does something epic…  We need to add "POWERFUL MAGIC" to the list.

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