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Exclusive Interview: Bridget Regan Answers Fan Questions, Part II

Posted by Confessed4Life on Friday, March 12, 2010 Under: Interviews

Kahlan's white confessor dress isn't gone forever, swears Bridget Regan.  Rather, it's merely tucked away in her backpack, at the ready whenever her current leather get-up just isn't appropriate. That's one of the typicallyentertaining and witty comments to be found in part two of our exclusive and extensive interview with Legend of the Seeker star Bridget Regan, an interview composed primarily of questions from you, our readers.  So read on for more, as Regan talks about her love for Kahlan, discusses co-producing the upcoming stage musical Camp Wanatachi, and reveals which five Legend of the Seeker episodes to date rank as her personal favorites.  And, finally, congratulations to dandoruinn, picked by Regan as the winner of the second of two autographed photos that she signed and sent our way.

You've said that Kahlan is noble and strong and always does the right thing.  You've also said you wonder how she can be "so good" all the time.  What do you think it is with Kahlan and the people she loves and the world she lives in that inspire her to be this ultimately "good" character?  Where does the strength come from?  (saykay)

It's actually the weight of the world on her shoulders.  I mean, can you imagine?  They are actually responsible for saving the world!  What makes her a hero is that in spite of what she wants, she does the thing that she thinks she cannot do.  She looks fear in the face every day.  And gets stronger every day for it.  She has a massive heart.  I think that's where her strength comes from.  She is incredibly compassionate.  I also can't forget what falling in love with Richard (Craig Horner) has done to her.  I think she now understands what exactly she is protecting and fighting for.


If you could play any other role on Legend of the Seeker, who would it be and why?  Have you ever searched your name to see what people say about you?  What would you recommend to a 14-year-old girl who wants to be an actress?  (tazzytiger14)

I can't imagine playing another part!  Kahlan was what drew me to this project when there was no script.  I certainly did have a wicked time playing the High Bitch In Charge Mother Confessor Kahlan in "Torn" and playing a Mord'Sith last season.  But c'mon, who wouldn't have fun dragging Craig by a chain?

I miss having an audience to play off of.  That's one of the reasons I love doing theater so much.  It's frustrating to me to not know if you're doing good stuff or not when we're down here shooting away.  The only response I get is when I read fan mail or have a sec to scroll through people's messages to me on Twitter.  And I love it.  Sometimes my manager will forward along some funny or cool reviews of the show.  It's a nice feeling that people are into what I'm doing.  But I'm quite intimidated by the message board fan world.  It's not very personal.  It's like I would rather be in your living room watching you watching the show.  I would like that more.  See if you're smiling or crying or laughing or making a sandwich.

I would recommend finding teachers or mentors that inspire you and challenge you, people who help you get in touch with your truest self.  The greatest thing about acting, for me, is when something rings true to you in your mind and heart, you know you're onto something.  It's all about the gut feeling and the magic sizzle on stage or in front of the camera.  A really good teacher can lead you there.


How often do you stop and think, "Wow, I'm somebody's desktop wallpaper now?"  And how awesome/weird/creepy/flattering is that?  (josiecookiemonster)

Awesome and flattering.  I've always dreamed of reaching people.


If there were to be a Seeker crossover episode, what other show would you want it to be with (and why that show?)  (badger625)

Deadwood!  The Sopranos!  Or Sex And The City.  Ha!  Can you imagine.  None of those really go with our show, do they?  Bruce (Spence) tells me that Merlin is quite good, but I haven't had a chance to check it out yet.


I have a job that I believe is the only thing in life I'd find meaningful and fulfilling.  But the training process and type of work irrevocably changes you in many ways.  I'd imagine it's the same for you with acting.  How have you changed through your experiences so far as an actor and can you imagine having done anything else with your life?  (drsimnal)

I have a really hard time picturing myself in another field.  I adore acting.  And I feel blessed to do it for my living.  I've just started producing.  Right now I'm working with Natalie Weiss on her new musical, Camp Wanatachi, with music hero Travis Stewart, a/k/a Machinedrum, (as well as) Fischerspooner and Blue Man Group's Ian Pai, up-and-coming director extraordinaire Matt Cowart, and hilarious and beautiful playwright Bekha Brunstetter.  I'm also working on an absolutely lovely and funny script by a Kiwi writer/director to be filmed here in New Zealand next year.  Eventually, I need to try my hand at directing and get some more music and dance in my life.  My poor cast mates and crew are a captive audience to my singing and dancing all day.  But I honestly can't picture myself in another field like medicine or law.  I would be useless.


What makes you a fangirl?  You probably don't have tons of time to watch TV, but there must be something that makes you go as crazy as the fans go for LOTS.  (tzen17)

I do wish I had more time to watch TV.  If I were going to go bonkers over something it would probably be a concert or a play or musical.  That's when I revert into my seven-year-old self, sitting on the edge of my seat, mouth agape. I'll admit I have a hard time watching A Streetcar Named Desirewithout getting heart palpitations over Marlon (Brando).  Oh, that t-shirt.


Who's the person who has had the most impact on your life?  (becks15)

That is so hard to narrow down.  Gerald Freedman, the dean of the drama school I attended, hasNo Doubt made a massive impact on who I am today.  Not to mention many other teachers I've had: Robert Francesconi, who taught me the meaning of a real actor; Marty Rader, who taught me to be brave; Cynthia Penn Henderson, who taught me to run like a bat out of hell.  The list goes on and on.  There is absolutely nothing like a good teacher.  Mom is a teacher.  And she gets an A+.


As producer of Camp Wanatachi, you're obviously a supporter of gay rights.  What drew you into this specifically?  (And where are things at with the project?)  (dandoruinn)

I believe in love.  All love and any love.  And to a certain degree, that is the message of Camp Wanatachi.  It explores that first pure love that isn't corrupted with previous broken hearts or knowledge of what is considered right or wrong.  I have known the composer/lyricist/librettist of Camp Wanatachi, Natalie Weiss, for years.  She and I met in drama school at the North Carolina School of the Arts.  Natalie has one of the most unique voices I have ever known.  I am thrilled that she has followed her heart to become the creative, beautiful monster she is.  She's a DJ, composer, playwright, puppeteer, and performing artist, amazing to say the least.  And I am even more thrilled that I get to collaborate with her and help her voice reach a big audience.  We are planning a concert at the end of May in New York and a full-length production in the fall.  It's such a beautiful and funny story and the music has a new sound that I haven't heard in the Musical Theater.  I think it takes the musical to a new place, which I find very exciting.


My six-year-old granddaughter wants to know why Kahlan's dresses are so different now and look like Cara's.  (So, why the costume changes?  Will we see much of the white one?  Do you like the costume changes?)  (barbwire48)
The funny thing about the "new" costume is that it isn't really all that new.  I've always worn the corset, the skirt on occasions, and the belt with the long traveling coat and black boots.  The costume designer, Jane Holland, and I wanted what Kahlan wears to reflect where her character is going and evolving to.  In the beginning of this season, Kahlan chose to stay by Richard, and protect him instead of going to Aydindril and serve as the Mother Confessor.  She's a warrior and I wanted her clothes to be like armor.  And yes, I think that Cara (
Tabrett Bethell) has had an influence on her in more ways than one.  Kahlan's looking over at Cara fighting in pants and thinking, "Maybe I could kick a man in the head a bit easier if I ripped some slits up this skirt…  And no!  Her confessor dress isn't gone -- it's in her backpack!  She puts it on when there is a need for her to wear it.  I love that it's special and it means something for her to put it on.


What are your top five episodes of the series so far (and why those five)?  (sascha)

I loved "Torn."   I love challenge.  The upcoming "Bound" with Michael Nouri playing my father was one of the most rewarding acting partnerships I've had on the show  -- other than Bruce, Tab and the Craigs, of course.  There were moments while shooting scenes with him where I felt like the luckiest actress in the world.  His presence on set lifted us all up.  And he does a spot-on, hilarious Sean Connery.  It's pretty contagious.  By the end of the shoot the entire crew was doing their best -- or worst? -- Scottish accent.  Last season, I loved "Denna."  I loved the way Aaron Mortan and Michael Hurst shot that episode.  All the red stained glass and architecture on the set was so stylized and cool.  That fight with Jess Marais was also way too much fun.  Hair pulling and all.  She's adorable and extremely talented.

"Conversion" last season, when Kahlan first went into Con Dar, was a big one for me.  That was one of the most exhausting days of my life, but also the most riveting.  I felt like a wild animal.  I scared the hell out of the crew, and banged the hell out of my head on that board I was strapped down to.  And the finale last season was great.  That episode felt like a movie.  I got to age 12 years and have a son!  Craig Parker is a wonderful actor and an absolutely lovely man who makes it very hard to hate him.  And there were all those beautiful red dresses and the pregnant belly!  I totally milked it that day on set: having ridiculous food cravings, putting my feet up and holding my back and moaning.  And we are on episode 221, which I am extremely excited about.  I just read 222 yesterday -- OMG! -- and it is such a great script.  Mark Beesley is going to direct and I have a feeling it will be one of my favorites.


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