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Craig Horner interview with

Posted by Confessed4Life on Tuesday, March 23, 2010 Under: Interviews

With second season of Legend of the Seeker nearing end I thought it would be good to take another look at this fantasy TV series. Let me remind those of you who have not read the review of the LotS we have posted a year ago (read ithere), Legend of the Seeker is a TV series based on The Sword of Truth novels by Terry Goodkind, produced by Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert, two stars behind the legendary fantasy series "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" and "Xena: Warrior Princess".

Being a fan of the show I was thrilled when I was contacted by Craig Horner's (actor playing the leading role: Richard "The Seeker" Cypher) publicist with a question if I would like to interview him for Fantasy Fan. Needless to say I agreed and after few days of planning (13 hour time difference makes things difficult) I was able to have a chat with him. Here it is then, Fantasy Fan's interview with Craig Horner. 

Fantasy Fan: Legend of the Seeker is based on bestselling fantasy books, so obviously my first question is going to be: Did you read the Seeker books before getting the role and if not, any other fantasy books?

Craig Horner: A mate of mine was a big fan of those books and around the time I was doing the audition he was like "hey, it's about this book, here it is, you should really read it.", so I read a bit of it before, just to get the Richard character before my audition. Then, when I got the role I went and read the first book, which was really good, especially just for getting the character down, because it's told through his head, so that was really handy.

FF: Did you think the series based on the successful book would be easier or more difficult to do? Were you comforted by the fact that it already has a fanbase or rather scared that it's going to be impossible to please the fans?

CH: I was really excited actually, but then I kind of found out early on that we're not going 100% true to the books, which is fine, but I kind of thought we were. It soon became apparent that we were doing our own thing, so I think I wasn't scared or anything, I was excited. Lord of the Rings was done so well and it was done very accurately and I thought we could do something like that. But in its own way it's new and it's exciting, so I hope this way we can please the old fans and get some new ones.

FF: After two years of "being Richard" do you think you have become more famous?

CH: No! Not at all! I've been here the whole time (around Auckland) and you know there's no paparazzi or anything like that here, it's kind of quiet. There aren't many people here who would know the show.

FF: Since you mentioned New Zealand, another question comes to mind. What was the most impressive and beautiful location you worked on?

CH: Definitely Queenstown, down in the South Island. It was beautiful! We got helicoptered up to the top of a big, snowy mountain, with beautiful, big lakes, nice big forests, it was really lovely back there, really amazing!

FF: From what I know the script for the show is prepared in LA, while everyone involved with shooting it resides in New Zealand. Was it causing issues at any stage, delays?

CH: Yeah, a little bit. It's a very fast TV show, we have a read through of the episode two days before we start shooting, so we have to be quick in calling America and trying to make changes. And it's hard getting them while we're here because we only pretty much can get them for half of the day, because their hours are so different than ours, so it is problematic. In some ways I wish we had like a James Cameron or Peter Jackson, who is right here, on board, that it's his baby, that he was writing it, he was producing it and he was directing it. But I think the crew down here really does the best they can and we've pulled out some quality TV.

FF: Your role obviously requires you to do a fair amount of sword fighting and horseback riding, did you have any experience with those before you got the role?

CH: Not really, apart from me waving plastic swords, I was pretty obsessed with that kind of stuff in childhood. We had great training before we got here. Our horse master was Wayne McCormack, who's really great and took me from zero to hero and our swordsman, Al Poppleton, who started us with simple strokes, left, right, up, down, that kind of stuff. They were really good teachers.

I was really obsessed with swordplay, I used to choreograph fights with my mates in the back yard, like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Ninja Turtles one day, Batman the next. I think I had an idea how film fighting is, which is much different than real fighting, if you put me in a real fight I'ld be hopeless, but I know what looks good and epic.

FF: Did you have any problems mastering the sword fighting? Did you have any accidents, anything worth mentioning?

CH: The swords... the first swords we had were really heavy, which was kind of... annoying haha but it's kind of cool that we started off with that, now the light ones are very easy. Accidents? Once I hit myself in the head and needed to get stitches, but the funny thing was it wasn't even during the fight, I was just walking around and hit myself in the head. I did get back to work an hour later though, they covered it all with makeup and we went back on!

FF: Your role is very versatile, you have to play the Seeker, people pretending to be the Seeker, being under control of magic - what was your biggest difficulty, biggest challenge in that?

CH: Ummm... Oh gosh, I wouldn't use word "difficult", I reckon anything you're enthusiastic about, the work should never be hard work, should never be stressful work, it's just work, it's just hours you put in. And I'd probably say I've put the most hours with Denna (the episode Denna, Season 1, Episode 8). Researching from the book, what it was all about, getting into the head, I really wanted to do well with that, so yeah, probably Denna. And the pilot! The first two episodes, I really wanted to establish the character in a particular way.

FF: After playing the role of Richard for quite some time now, do you think your next assignment you'd like to get another fantasy / warrior kind of role or something completely new?

CH: I reckon it'll be a case by case kind of scenario, I'll just play it by ear. I'd like to do a whole bunch of things, you know, I want to do comedy, drama, fiction. I enjoy Richard, I enjoy the show, it's a lot of fun, I love being in Auckland, but my creative bones are itching a little bit lately and I'm feeling that I want to do some kind of creative endeavor, another role, maybe some directing of some kind, or some more music. There will be plenty of time to do that when the show is finished.

FF: Do you think it's possible to have two projects running simultaneously, take a role while you're playing in the Seeker?

CH: No, not at all, not with this show. We're in production for 5 or 6 days of the week. I get probably 2 or 3 months between the seasons, but there would have to be a really perfect role, a great film that happens to fall in that time, and that's rare.

FF: Fans of the Seeker enjoy great chemistry between characters of Richard and Kahlan. How do you get along with Bridget off the set?

CH: We get on well, we're both Aquarians, we got here about six weeks before we started shooting, and we were both removed from our homes, so we kind of clung together, like "don't leave me!" haha Yeah, we get along really well.

FF: Thank you very much for your time, good luck with the show and I hope we'll have another opportunity to talk.

CH: Awesome bro, thank you very much!

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