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I Skyped with B: By confessorlove

Posted by Confessed4Life (Bethany G) on Saturday, March 26, 2011 Under: Skypes with Bridget
Today was one of the best days of my life. I was so nervous but in the end it didn’t matter. All it took was for me to hear Bridget Regan’s voice coming through the speakers of my computer and I was completely at ease. Right away I felt like I had always known her, like she was one of my oldest friends. I know that must sound weird but it completely the truth. It was like I’d known her my whole life when in reality her picture had just popped up on the screen. She asked me how I was and all my fears melted away.

I told her I was fine and then she asked me where I was. I told her I was in Minnesota. She smiled and told me she had been too Minnesota before, that she had friends from here. That made me smile. Then she thanked me for my donation to Camp Wanatachi and asked if it was my mom who had gotten this for me. I nodded and told her it was. She asked if I had any siblings or pets. I told her I have a brother and a sister and a dog. Then she asked me if I was the oldest. I told her I was.

Then she asked me if I was a Seeker fan. I laughed. Of course I was a Seeker fan. What did she expect?

Bridget asked me what my favorite episode was and I just shook my head. There are so many to choose from. How could I pick? Finally I told her Torn was my favorite and she chuckled. She told me I was a girl after her own heart. She told me about half way though shooting she didn’t really even know which Kahlan she was anymore. There was just so much and she had gone though her script and highlighted each different Kahlan in a different color. She thought it was OCD. It think it is organized.

Then I asked her about baby Frankie and she told me she was holding her right now if I wanted to see her. I said I did. She held her up to the webcam and I just about died. That baby has to be one of the cutes babies I have ever seen in my life. B said she looks like her dad but I don’t think so. Besides the chubby cheeks like all babies have she looks like Bridget. The little bit of hair she has looked red to me, for those of you who were wondering. And B said she is three months old. She is just so adorable.

That was when B asked if I had any questions. I told her I had a list of questions from people who wanted to know things and then… MY INTERNET WENT OUT!!!!!!! I was seriously panicking. I tried to call B back but there was no answer so I messaged her and told her my net had dropped and I was sorry. By now I knew it was time for the next person to be having their Skype so I was a little upset but then B messaged me and told me we could try another night and it was really nice to meet me. I messaged back and told her that was fine.

About twenty or so minutes later I get another Skype call from B. I answered right away and she seemed genuinely relieved that we could finish our conversation. Right away she wanted to know what my questions were. I had several but only asked a few. The first was what was her opinion on Book!Kahlan versus Show!Kahlan. She told me that was a good question (Thanks ivanolix) and thought about it for a minute. Then she told me that her Kahlan was her version of Book!Kahlan. It was her portrayal. I think to her, they are one and the same.

The next question I asked was about what her favorite scene to film was. She asked me if I remembered the first time Kahlan goes into the Condar. I had to resist the urge to say “DUH!” Anyway… she told me that when Giller is stabbing Kahlan with the Shirkiah or whatever they are called, it wasn’t her favorite scene to film but she grew a lot when she filmed it. She said it was almost like an out of body experience.

She asked me what was next on my list of questions and I just shook my head and told her they were all stupid. She told me to ask her the stupidest question that was on the list, so I did. I asked her what kind of shampoo she used. She told me what it was but the connection was really horrid right at this point so I THINK she said she uses Klorane for Dry and Color Treated Hair and that it’s not the shampoo that is important, it’s the condition and she uses the same conditioner.

The next think I asked her was if she was REALLY going to be at the premiere of Best and the Brightest on April 11th. I told her my friend wanted me to come out to LA around then and thought we should go to the premiere. I’m not even kidding she got all excited and was all like she actually wanted me to come. She told me that she is doing a Q&A after the movie and that she hates them because if there aren’t enough questions it gets really awkward. She was all “You have to come… but no pressure.” And then she laughed and I was all OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!! Then she told me if I came I needed to hang around after the Q&A so she could give me a hug. A HUG. A HUG FROM BRIDGET REGAN. *DED*

Sometime around here Henry decided he wanted to Skype with me and started to climb all over the computer desk. It took B a minute to get him out of the way. But in the mean time Frankie was making cute noises in B’s lap so I was just all :3 and B was all “Frankie are you talking to Madi?” And then I was all :3 again.

I told her I really wanted to but I didn’t know if I’d be able to swing the airfare and she told me I need to come, if not for the premiere then for Disneyland. Then I told her I have never been to Disneyland, or Disneyworld. Nor have I been on a plane. She just looked at me for a second like I had said the world was flat. It was pretty funny. Then she told me there is a world outside Minnesota and I need to explore it, that I need to get out to LA. I told her I wanted too and I would try my best.

Then she told me about Disneyland. I now REALLY REALLY REALLY want to go to Disneyland. Seriously I think B is a little bit obsessed with Disneyland I’m not even kidding. She said Frankie has already been there twice. She told me about places in Disneyland I should go and then she asked if I liked roller coasters. I told her I love them. She said “Isn’t there a rollercoaster in the Mall of America?” I was like “Umm yeah there are like five.”

Then she told me it had been great talking with me, and nice to meet me and that she was so glad we got to finish our chat but she needed to go. We said goodbye and she blew me a kiss. I waved to her and then it was over.

It was perfect and B was just such a nice person I could have talked to her for hours about anything and I really don’t think she would have cared. She is just that kind of person. I really wish she was my friend.

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