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Posted by Confessed4Life on Sunday, March 13, 2011 Under: CAMP WANATACHI
I walked from my hotel on Friday around 5pm toward the theater. Construction scaffolding veered pedestrians off the sidewalk toward the street,then back again. As I walked back in toward the side walk I was struck by the sight of The Red Door of The La Mama Theater! THIS is where BRIDGET STOOD when the pic she sent was takenā€¼ I Had to stop and take a pic of THE DOOR! I entered the lobby and talked to the ticket clerk. Informed that the admittance wasn't until promptly at 7:30. I picked up my will call ticket for that evenings performance and went for a walk. Found a corner grocery and bought some apples:D. Went back to my hotel, ate an apple and waited. Around 7:15pm I walked back to the La Mama.There were only a dozen or so people there. I looked around and in the corner on some benches I recognised some one I had seen a picture of on twitter. As I approached her I heard the British accent and knew it was her! I excused myself for interrupting her conversation w/ an elderly woman there. "BoldandBrass ?" i said She smiled,"Yes?" I quickly said "I'm ladyrabit." I saw the recognition of who I was on her face and we hugged. Her real name is Angel. I showed her a pic of Craig/Richard on my phone. She smiled and squeed a little. She Loves Craig!We all sat down and talked until they let us into the main theater. I saw Ian Pai and Matt Cowart walk up the aisle stairs toward to back.

The show started with an ominous voice telling us the God was there! Then above the seats on the right catwalk appeared a girl with an awesome voice(Marissa O' Donnell/Jana) singing of her excitement of going back to Camp Wanatachi and seeing her friends. She continued singing around the back of the audience and down the center stairs to the main floor. She meet her friends The camp Counselor (Natalie Elizabeth Weiss/ Corky appeared. Then late, the new girl (Krystina Alabado/Titi O'Malley) appeared back lit/ bathed in a spotlight. Her pose was epic! "She wore high heels to camp!?!" As the show progressed,I found myself caring for the characters. I laughed ,I cried (near the end) And like Titi found it 'easy to believe the message of God's love when Jana explained it' All the voices were exquisite! Especially Marrissa/Jana. She held a note so long in the climaxing song that, as one reporter said, 'people began to check their watches in disbelief". Her voice reminded me of Andrea McArdle in the production of "Annie'! Angel and I meet Natalie after the show. When I said my name she remembered the friendship bracelets I sent. She recognised the scent too of essential oils I had put on the bracelet. She is a lovely woman.Natalie made sure we got our gift bracelet for coming so far to see the show. We then made our way outside and after a hug an a last look at Craig's pic we said good bye. Angel is a lovely girl too!

I LOVE this show and I must tell you now; I DO NOT LIKE MUSICALS. Have always found them over done and pretentious. Wanatachi was sincere, comical & heart wrenching too! The music was really,awesomely cool.I am so impatiently waiting for the CD. I was so pleased to see it again the next night and 1/2 wished i had gone to the matinee that afternoon instead of hung out with my newly met twitter (LotS fan) friends. But only 1/2 wished! Kate,Lori& Maria ARE AWESOME! Much fun was had.

Yes, I was disappointed that Bridget was not there. But I suspected as much when she did not attend the premiere of Best&Brightest. BTW, I told Kate of my suspicions about her "good excuse" then. Turns out I was right! I was Glad to see this show that Bridget was so excited about. I knew it had to be good ,if B liked it so! I was not disappointed at all by Camp Wanatachi. In fact, I plan to go see the next incarnation too! And If you can I encourage you to do so also.


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