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Camp Wanatachi Review by: BOLD & BRASS

Posted by Confessed4Life on Saturday, January 29, 2011 Under: CAMP WANATACHI

hello my fellow seekers, last nite (jan-28th2011) was one of the most exhilarating experience of my year thus far. why you ask? well any true seeker fan knows that Bridget Regan ”ahh my ultimate female crush” apart from being an extraordinary actress wears many hats one of them is producer after watching an interview with her i came to the understanding my beloved confessor had a project brewing in zed’s magical pot. she was producing an off Broadway play about two Christian girls going to summer camp and falling in love called “CAMP WANATACHI” so my interest peak not just the fact that she had another project for us khalan fans to support but she was actually promoting and backing pure girl on girl action yes i said to myself going gay for Bridget could really happen lol so i jumped online in search of more info much to my relief the play was very close to the place i called home as of now NEW YORK CITY so i book a seat and wait in anticipation for showtime.. 


after some hiccups en route to the LA MAMA theatre i got to the ticket booth and the ticket master was so pleasant it made the stress roll away i was instantly relaxed a few mins later i was sitting in the waiting area engulfed in conversation with a gentleman who played for the camp wanatachi band we exchange culture history and shared family lifestyles then i got a tap on the shoulder as i looked up i saw this petite Caucasian lady with a warm smile she looked at me with the most inviting eyes and asked “Are you bold and brass?” my response was nothing more than excitment i replied yes. “she told me her name was Donna aka @ladyrabit and my screams lit up the room  then they announce showtime and i  felt the atmosphere ripen with anticipation.


As Donna and i made our way to our seats the room was filled with chatter. after a few mintues of thumbing through the programme and admiring #craighorner abs on Donna’s phone the master of ceremonies briefed us with the rules much to my dismay we couldn’t take photos. the lights dimmed and the room got clouded with fog as the dj played a very intense demonic like voice reminding us of the rules and what camp wanatachi was all about my anxiety grew both for the revelation of the musical as well as that damn voice was scary i felt i was about to see the exorcist.


The play is centered on four tween girls torn between physical and spiritual love. teen girl jana who has been going to the same all girl Christan camp since in the second grade meets up with her bff lauren and sings of their excitement to be at camp,to see each other and the change they felt this time at camp will bring after meeting up with the rest of the girls the arrival of  titi would prove to be a memorable one. Titi first appears wearing designer clothes, “the coolest shades” with her undies showing… she sings “You Gotta Make It Easy If You Wanna Make It At All” and goes on to explain the greatness of casual sex.she is the stereotypical bad girl when introduced i thought if paris hilton and tila tequila had a child she would be it lol she is the object of both envy and scorn from the other campers she has already had many sexual experiences and sings her rather raunchy and provocative solo ” you gotta use spit” but underneath her sexy, take no prisoners, confident, exterior lies a vulnerable 14yr old battling a eating disorder and a turbulent relationship with her mum and stepfather some scenes went on to talk about the girls beliefs as well to poke fun at the other campers,promoting a new age approach to Christianity while jana struggles with her faith and her non interest for boys.

 my favorite character was Daisy – the self described FREAK FOR CHRIST – i’m gothic myself and her references from nirvana lyrics and her need to come to a just reason for Kurt Cobain’s suicide in the name of love was very relatable.  My favorite aspect of the play is it’s ability to show the multifaceted face of love and the many hats it wears as it continues to haunt the human condition. I expected Daisy and the other girls to all end up in some sort of orgiastic love triangle, after all the play did billed itself as a lesbian musical. much to my surprise the play remained safe the entire way through and only offered a PG look into what i expected to be a very xrated  Yes, I may be guilty of perversion but while I do strongly feel the play had its head in all the right places it choices could have been a little bolder. Many good ideas were expressed, like the camp counselor corky teaching the girls to write a love song using a violin riff from a Peking Opera and they are all worth the wait while she battles with own her secret giving in to her desires with counselor joel from the nearby boy’s camp. bff Lauren dealing with her obsession to be perfect and her jealously towards titi and jana close friendship my fav song was jana suicide love note singing of all the ways she can off herself after titi got kick out of the camp becuz she was accused of being with one of the boys which was strictly forbidden and jana not telling the truth of wat happened that night it was both dark and humorous i think they dived into a world of being gay that is usually difficult or offensive in many cultures and relationships to speak on with enough Witt to keep u entertained but throughly inform without scaring the audience off i think the writers did a phenomenal job getting to plant the seed of questioning and loosening the grips some may have on sexuality and Christianity in terms of gender preference i applaud the efforts of all involved though as i earlier stated wanted them to push the boundaries more think that the professionals did it the right way giving a little at a time not overwhelming the viewer.


  it was a sweet tale of untainted love between two unlikely characters over all i would recommend it to others i enjoyed every second of it and believed that Bridget Regan did indeed back a very good play apart from my perverted mind lol  i will be seeing it again :) hats off to the cast for singing their little tushes off camp wanatachi rocked <3 . As Donna and i bid each other goodbyes we toke one last look at CRAIG HORNER in all his aussie glory & departed unto our prospective routes. ps Bridget Regan thank u for this u are awesome :)


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