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Bridget Regan To Star In ABC’s ‘Murder In Manhattan’

Posted by Confessed4Life (Bethany G) on Friday, February 22, 2013 Under: Projects

Former Legend Of The Seeker star Bridget Regan has been tapped as a lead in ABC’s hourlong pilot Murder In Manhattan, executive produced by Ryan Reynolds. Written by Maria Maggenti and directed by Cherie Nowlan, Murder In Manhattan is a dramedy set in New York centering on mother Blythe and daughter Lex (Regan) who team up as amateur sleuths. The sassy Lex works in the Mayor’s office by day, and works as sleuth with Blythe by night. Reynolds and Allan Loeb’s DarkFire TV co-produces the pilot, which will film in New York, with ABC Studios. Murder In Manhattan reunites Regan with ABC Studios, which also produced the cult syndicated fantasy series Legend Of The Seeker. Regan, repped by TMT Entertainment and Gersh, recently recurred on the CW’s Beauty And The Beast.

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