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Bridget Regan Tears It Up on Legend of the Seeker

Posted by Confessed4Life on Saturday, February 13, 2010 Under: Interviews

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If you're a fan of the syndicated fantasy seriesLegend of the Seeker, you must not miss this weekend's all-new "Torn." It features some ultrasexy Richard-and-Kahlan scenes, and we just chatted with Bridget Regan exclusively to find out why the Confessor and the Seeker are making out, plus we got scoop on how come the show shook up season two with a new castmember and a new look for Kahlan...

OK, so we hear this weekend's episode is a big one for Kahlan—tell us what's she in for.
The episode is called "Torn" and Kahlan is summoned to 
Aydindril, which is her home normally, and where the Mother Confessor would preside and live. She goes, and something really horrible happens, and Kahlan gets literally split into two. So, I have the absolute pleasure of playing nearly two different roles. And one side or the other can completely go out of control, especially when one side has this magical power that can really take over when it's not balanced with emotion and compassion and so forth.

So one side has the Confessor's power and the other side has the Confessor's grace and wisdom?
The way I like to think of it is that one woman is all just duty and responsibility, and the other woman is all love, heart and emotion.

Do Richard, Cara and Zedd know what's happened to Kahlan, or does it take them a while to catch on?
That answer to that question plays out throughout the episode, they obviously get to the bottom of it. Somebody has to figure it out, right, so we can save the world again? Because that's what we do! Kahlan is slowly figuring it out herself, but these two separate women are like a yin and yang sort of thing, and they are both quite happy to stay the way they are.

Can't wait to see it. This whole season has been great because Richard and Kahlan have been able to see much more affectionate.
I fight for that so much, and not just because Craig's dreamy. I think, like, how could you go that long, you know? You'd have to break sometimes! They have to stay human. Every time we're around a campfire, I'm ask, "Should we be spooning? Can we spooning please? Or like wake up holding hands?" And everybody's like, c'mon, you'd be dead. It's true, and in front of Zedd and Cara, you really do have to keep that [façade] up.

And Craig's character Richard Cypher turns out to be so important! He's the Seeker, he's Lord Rahl, he's a wizard—he's got everything.
Sometimes I'll look at Craig and I'm like, you're pretty important, right? They diverged from the books so much in the first season that I didn't know if they were going to stay true to that and have him become this wizard, and that was such a really cool journey. Plus then there's the prophecy that, "As long the Mother Confessor's pure heart beats, the keeper will fail," which has been really cool, because it's given Kahlan this duty to stay alive. She's always been like, "Hey, I'll lie down in traffic for you, Richard, I’m here for you." The prophecy has tipped the scale the other way, and now 
she has to stay alive, because Kahlan believes in prophecies, she always has. But that's been challenged as well because of the [Shota] prophecy about Richard failing, but Kahlan believes Richard.

What's it been like to have Tabrett Bethell's character Cara join the cast?
Tab was the missing piece of the puzzle. I think that's what made this season take off. She just came in and challenged all of us and our characters challenged her. Kahlan, at first, if she had a chance, she would kill her or confess Cara, and to have it change so that Cara is someone she actually has this affection for and trust and believes in? Really cool. And also just having a woman on the set…oh my god, it was such a boy's club last year. Tab and I are a bit of a little team because our fighting styles are also quite similar, so we work together on that. And we're both in the make-up chair pretty damn early. I have someone I can say to, "Oh my god, it's not even light out yet!" We're in it together, which is great.

Speaking of makeup and Kahlan's look, let's talk her new costume. Where did that come from? 
I wanted it to be more warrior-like. Kahlan needs to stay alive, she needs to fight, and I think it's a more fighting-friendly costume. She always had the long skirt, and I think maybe she just slit it up the front so she can kick and run quicker and all that. We like to think she ripped out the lining of her coat and cut it off and made it all herself. It's fun to do that stuff. I love it. Everyone wanted Kahlan to change a bit. And I like the idea that Cara's influence has affected her. Don't worry, the white dress is still in her backpack, rolled up. It comes back out now and again. When she needs to be a Confessor, she put thats on—I like to think that it means something. It says something like, I'm a person of the highest authority in the Midlands, so when I put this on, ya'll better listen. I like that it's a choice to put it on. And that's really similar to the books.

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