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Bridget Regan Skype write up: By Anonymous

Posted by Confessed4Life (Bethany G) on Tuesday, March 29, 2011 Under: Skypes with Bridget
To start off I was super nervous about this chat though I've heard
Bridget is super nice.  The call came I hesitated for a second then
answered.  I forgot to answer with video so she said "hey (name) where
are you i only see a cat is that yours?" I have a picture of my cat as
my skype picture.  I  finally managed to turn my camera on so the chat

I don't remember everything word for word but this is pretty much what happened.

I asked her what it was like to work with nph. This answer I totally
don't remember since it was the first thing. She said he was real and
'not on all the time' i think she meant like not fake. That she hadn't
seen best and brightest just a rough cut.  She said they wanted to
have a screening in San Francisco and she might to try and make that
one since she has friends in sf, I flipped out on the inside since I
live close by.

I asked her about how Craig was doing because people on Twitter wanted
to know and if he was going to her Best and Brightest premiere. She
said she hadn't invited him but that was a good idea and might.  (This
was not my question thanks twitter!).  I also asked her if he was
getting a twitter.  She said her and Gabe were trying to but he hadn't
yet.  I apologized for asking so much about Craig but Twitter wanted
to know.  She said "yeah everyone asks about craig what about me you
guys *fake cry*" LOL.  She said she Tab would never get one *sad*.

She had her baby on her lap and I could hear her every once in a
while.  She asked if I wanted to see her and held her up (eeeek!)
Super cute with blue eyes.  Birdget said the babay does a fake cry but
then would be fine the next minute, she did the facial expressions,
said she's a little actress.  After a while the baby needed to be
changed so her hubby came in and took her out to change her, said I
had just got a glimpse of her family life.

I asked about her euro trip if she saw any soccer (because I love
soccer).  She said no but that during the world cup they were going
through Italy when Italy was playing New Zealand and since her hubby a
kiwi they found a town to stop to watch the game.  The crowd was all
pro Italy except for him. New Zealand won (I think) but he wasn't able
to celebrate because everyone there was Italian. She said she sat
inside the cafe eating while he was outside with the footy.

I asked how she liked LA. She said she likes being close to her family
but really likes New York and New Zealand.  Also asked about her cat
Henry who got in a fight and she thinks hes gonna bring in a squirrel
one day.

I asked about Tab what she was up to. She said shes doing a new show
poe. Shes in Australia but is going to film in Toronto. I asked what
the show was about she said "edgar allan poe...detective stuff."
Apparently Tab has to wear a corset she was laughing and was like
'haha the tables have turned." (LOL)

It was getting toward the end but she was still really nice and asked
what last questions I had.  only one i could come up with was what was
her favorite episode to film.  She said "Torn" since she got to play 3
different Kahlans.  She asked me what my favorite episode was i told
her I just loved season 2 especially Tab.  That she liked season 2
because she left the show was just getting better, catching their

She was really nice and kept the conversation going through all my
silence and awkwardness lasted over the 15 minutes which was awesome.
There was more small talk here and there but I feel this is the fun
stuff to share.  Overall really fun and a nice person.

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