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Bridget Regan's OWN "Legend of the Seeker" Season 1 Cast & Crew T Shirt

Posted by Confessed4Life (Bethany) on Friday, August 31, 2012 Under: Auction

This is a ONE of a kind item! Bridget Regan's own Cast and Crew T Shirt given to the company after wrapping Season 1 of the TV Series, "Legend of the Seeker."

This is a gray women's cotton T Shirt size Medium, but runs closer to a size Small. Made in New Zealand.
The front of the T Shirt includes various white silhouettes of images from Season One of "Legend of the Seeker" including one of Kahlan's daggers, an Agiel, the Box of Orden, a Shadrin, a Gar, the Richard puppet, the Sword of Truth, and more! Enjoy figuring them all out and what episodes they are from. On the back in white iconic Seeker font is written: "Legend of the Seeker Season 1."
This item will be signed and personalized by Bridget Regan to the winning bidder's liking, front or back and whatever message the winner desires.
Proceeds minus expenses will be donated to cancer charity of Bridget's choice. "Please encourage woman you love to get their regular mammogram! The American Cancer Society's most recent estimate for breast cancer in the US alone for 2012 are about 226,870 new cases of invasive breast cancer in woman. Early detection can save a life." - Bridget Regan

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