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Bridget Regan on 'Beauty and the Beast' secrets coming out & rooting for Alex

Posted by Confessed4Life (Bethany G) on Friday, February 8, 2013 Under: Interviews

Bridget Regan was absolutely a fan favorite on Legend of the Seeker, but she has joined Beauty and the Beast as "the other woman," so to speak. The show was setting up a love story between Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan), and just when it seemed like the two were actually going to try to make a romance work, they crossed paths with Alex (Regan), Vincent's ex. Old feelings surfaced, despite Vincent keeping a major part of his new life secret, and an extremely complex love triangle was born. Usually we'd say that it's tough to compete with a long-lost true love, but here there are other elements at play-- supernatural elements that could actually cool Alex's sparks for Vincent if she knew what he really was these days.

"I think that there were people [in her life these last few years], but none of them were as special as him. I think the bar was set so high for men in her life. They were engaged, you know? He was the one, and I think for probably a few years, she was so heartbroken she probably didn’t do anything, and I think she also kept herself really busy on purpose, working so hard in the hospital, and then as we saw in the last episode, with this illegal care unit, she’s working all the time. I think it made it kind of easy for her to not have that relationship. You know how that it is ‘I’m too busy; I can’t do anything!’ but she probably just didn’t want to confront the fact that she wasn’t over him," Regan said when LA TV Insider Examiner had a chance to chat with her about her new role.

And then, as Regan said, "here he is." Vincent is back in Alex's life now, and she is so happy, she just wants to pick up where they left off, even if it means leaving Manhattan and all of the hard work she has built for the last decade, behind. Of course, it's not as simple as that, as Vincent hasn't come clean with Alex about the entire truth behind his faked death, nor his mutating DNA. Because of this, there are already cracks in the foundation of the relationship, and perhaps surprisingly, Regan admitted that Alex can't go too much longer without being forced to confront them.

"I think the truth is she doesn’t want to believe anything other than ‘My man is back in my life, and he loves me, and we’re going to live happily ever after!’ That’s really what she wants and what she wants to believe, as well [but] the truth with him and Catherine’s relationship and what really happened with him in Afghanistan is all starting to reveal itself to her," Regan said.

After getting careless while on a date with Alex and almost getting arrested, Vincent realizes just how much is at stake if he keeps this woman in the dark for too long. Naturally, he will be faced with fears of if and how he should tell her and whether or not she will believe or accept him when he does. Regan pointed out that while Alex starts to pick up on some secrets being held back from her right now (like the nature of Cat and Vincent's relationship), she could never presume to know everything.

"She is an intensive care unit nurse; she has seen some really ugly, scary stuff in her life; and obviously she doesn’t scare easily, so I thought that was something important to think about. But at the same time, can you imagine what it would be like? It’s so extreme! It was really crazy to even go there and imagine what that would be like, and this upcoming episode was challenging for me [because of that]," Regan said of "Cold Turkey," an episode in which we will see a different side and lots of new layers to Alex outside of her nurse's uniform.

"She just wants to call her family and call Vincent's mom. Alex was really close with his whole family, and when you think about his mother, she's had all of her boys killed, and 'This poor woman,' you have to feel for her, as well-- someone you haven't even met yet! Alex would want to carry on and move on, but she's also trying to be respectful and wait and when Vince is really to tell her more, she's all ears. She's actually being very patient and just happy to have him back in her life."

Though Alex may be in disbelief if she simply heard what is happening to Vincent, seeing would probably be a whole other story. And Regan feels that her love for Vincent, with a little time to digest the new information, would be enough to make Alex as accepting as Cat is of him, of course complicating things even further.

"You have to remember that Catherine has been thinking about this creature that she saw when her mother was killed for awhile. She thought she was crazy, so for her, this was a confirmation of 'Okay, I'm not crazy. It did exist. I did see it.' It would almost be a relief...whereas Alex has no frame of reference whatsoever," Regan said.

"If you think about it from her perspective, she hasn't had it so easy, either. She thought they were going to have a future together, he up and disappeared, and then one day she got a call that he died. She was completely heartbroken, and we have to remember she only knows what she's been told. All she knows is what he said, and what she really wants is with the man that she loves."

Beauty and the Beast airs on The CW on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. "Cold Turkey" airs on February 7th 2013. Are you rooting for Alex (with Vincent or simply just as a character in general), Beasties? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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