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Bridget Regan @ La MaMa Experimental Theater Club in NY

Posted by Confessed4Life on Wednesday, June 30, 2010 Under: Bridget Regan
We are all so thankful and thrilled to be going forward at one of the coolest theaters in New York, La MaMa Experimental Theater Club We absolutely could not do this without your support.

I especially want to thank all of you oh so beautiful Seeker fans who have followed me to CAMP WANATACHI (which quite possibly couldn't be more different than Seeker...) from all over the world and given us your support and interest. You guys are seriously the best.

We are looking forward to going into production on our full length production and getting all the rewards out to our backers. And get Skyping!

Many many humble thanks,

Congrats to Bridget and CAMP WANATACHI on surpassing their second goal of $10,000!

Can't wait for January!

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