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Bridget Regan in "Blinders" (2006)

Posted by Confessed4Life on Thursday, March 11, 2010 Under: Bridget Regan
shipperfey & Gratchness found some decent, solid information + video about Bridget's first film credit! Woo! Here's the stuff:

Freestyle developed a short film series with Glamour magazine. This program was differentiated from many other sponsored programs by working to put celebrities behind the camera instead of in front of the camera, to give the talented women of Hollywood a chance to direct.

Alexa thinks she’s looking for love in the big city. But is she? With a nudge from a girlfriend, Alexa realizes that she needs to be more open to the romantic cues around her. So while riding the subway, Alexa dives in head first with surprising and amusing results.


Or, if you want to just watch Bridget's part in it:


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