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Bridget Regan has been cast for NBC's "Frontier"

Posted by Bethany G on Thursday, February 9, 2012 Under: Projects

The project, from writer/exec producer Shaun Cassidy, revolves around a group who follows their dreams and heads West from Missouri across the unchartered country in the 1840s.

Ethan Embry (Empire Records) will play DJ, a bittersweet and sardonic guy in a sham marriage toMegan Ferguson's (Boardwalk Empire) Payton, who is described as a Georgia girl who is half Scarlett O'Hara and half Tallulah Bankhead.

Jake McLaughlin (Savages) will play Cooper, a strong and driven farmer with stellar fighting skills. Bridget Regan (Perception) has been cast as Hannah, a beautiful woman in her late 20s who bonds with Cooper despite traveling with her husband. Al Weaver (Doom) will play Ben, a heavyset writer in his early 30s who is charged with chronicling the group's journey. Gina Bramhill (Being Human) will play a young woman Ben pulls to safety from a collapsed sandbank who is headed to meet her fiancĂ© for the first time.

Thomas Schlamme will direct and exec produce the drama, from Sony Pictures Television and Prospect Park.

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