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Behind the scenes of TNT's Hide

Posted by SeekerBuddy (Jorge) on Thursday, September 22, 2011 Under: Projects
Bridget Regan

Carla Gugino (D.D. Warren), Lisa (author), Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Alex Wilson) and Kevin Alejandro (Bobby Dodge) on set.
Meet D.D. Warren! Carla Gugino on camera as Detective D.D. Warren.
Filming a scene involving D.D. Warren, Alex Wilson and Bobby Dodge: It takes one demented author to write a book, but 140 people to turn it into a movie. Interesting.
The directors: DP James Chresssanthis (right) and Director John Gray (left) with their favorite super 8 camera. Boys and their toys.
Lisa's new favorite chair!
The producer: Lisa and producer Stephanie Germain
Evil baby on sound cart: This baby doll stared at me all day, and still wasn't the scariest thing on set (the pit, the pit, the pit from the opening action sequence. Creepiest thing ever, you are going to love it!)



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