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Are Dottie & Peggy Soul Mates on ‘Marvel’s Agent Carter’? Bridget Regan says YES!

Posted by C4L Admin on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 Under: Interviews

Bridget Regan has a habit that is anything but annoying and manages to regularly get her TV fans all in a tizzy (including this one).

She has a habit of embodying television characters that we can get enough of! Am I wrong? (No, I’m not.)

Case in point, we’ve been dying to see Regan back on the CW’s “Jane The Virgin ever since we fell in with the character of Rose (aka the evil Sin Rostro). Like her lover Luisa (Yara Martinez) even though she hasn’t been around this season, we can’t seem to shake her. [Spoiler: Rose finally appeared again in the February 8thepisode of “Jane”]

Then, over on ABC’s splendidly fun and engaging, Marvel’s Agent Carter,” Regan took on another villainous role, Russian bad girl for hire, Dottie Underwood, who made life hell for Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) but their banter and kick ass fight scenes were a joy to watch.

Now, as we’re deep into the second season of “Agent Carter,” we come to this week’s double episode that has Peggy in a situation where she needs someone to help bring down Hollywood starlet/villain, Whitney Frost (Wynn Everett) – enter Dottie Underwood, who has been imprisoned but is going to get out of jail (for now) to help the SSR.

Having seen the two episodes, I’ll only tell you they are as good as “Agent Carter” gets and seeing Peggy and Dottie together again is stuff dreams are made of.

I had the chance to talk to Regan late last week about Dottie’s return, if she and “Jane’s” Rose would be BFFs and, most importantly, if she thinks deep down Dottie and Peggy are actually soul mates.

Tell me first of all, one thing I really like is that in some ways I’m rooting for Dottie, which I’m kind of surprised at because she’s such a great villain. Why is that?

Bridget Regan: I obviously will always root for Dottie because I love her. But you do root for her because she’s having such a good time and I think as an audience ,you’re having a good time along with her. And she’s playful. She’s not one of those mustache twirling villains. She’s a fun, light, character [and] she has this dark past but she’s out to have a good time and I think that the audience can somewhat relate to Dottie in terms of her obsession and fascination with Peggy. In some ways, you’re rooting for Peggy and Dottie to meet again and see who’s going to win this time.

How would you characterize Dottie’s feelings about Peggy? I love that first scene where you first see Peggy. You’re just so happy to see her.

BR: Yeah. So happy. There’s no one that Dottie would want to see come through the door more than Peggy. And then when she sees her and she’s wearing that outfit and what is she doing here? And she can see that she’s hurt physically, in terms of the way she’s walking and moving her body. In one moment, Dottie’s day went from a negative three to a ten. It’s an absolute joy.

Is there a sexual attraction there or is just pure fun? I mean, Dottie did kiss her last year?

BR: Oh, yeah. Dottie’s sexuality isn’t really like a regular person’s sexuality. For her, she’s been trained to use it as a tool. I think Dottie’s attraction to Peggy is like a fascination, an intrigue and there’s no one who’s ever beat Dottie before so there’s a competitive quality to her relationship to her. But I think also, the lines are sort of grey, in my opinion, with Dottie. She doesn’t date. She’s not looking for a soul mate but I would say there’s definitely an attraction there.

I feel like if she ever did have a soulmate in mind, it would probably be Peggy.

BR: I completely agree with you.

Without giving too much away, we do get to see some different shades of Dottie in these episodes.

BR: We get to see Dottie’s strength and her training and just how formidable she really is. And then we also get to see her pushed and challenged and we get to see a color of Dottie that we’ve never seen before which, as an actor, is just a huge gift because obviously playing Dottie is so fun because she’s so strong, she’s so confident in her physical, emotional, mental, all that. She’s so strong [but] it’s great writing. [The writers] challenge that and we get to see what happens.

Would Dottie and Rose on “Jane the Virgin” be fast friends or fast enemies? [Spoiler alert: Rose finally made a reappearance on “Jane” on the Feb 8 episode]

BR: Rose would probably want to employ Dottie, would be my guess. They both don’t have a pretty past, that’s for sure. People often ask me on Twitter, they’re like, is Rose, Dottie’s grandmother. No, Dottie’s from Russia!

When I talked to Yara Martinez recently, and she said you’re one of her favorite people to kiss on screen. How do you feel about that sentiment?

BR: Oh my God. Yara is one of just my favorite people, period. I have to struggle to not be jealous of her kissing other women on TV but I understand. I understand. I did bury her father in cement, so I get it. But that show was so fun and I love how much of Luisa we’ve been getting this season.

I know you’re shooting the new season of “The Last Ship” and I’m guessing you’re not playing a villain for a change or are you?

BR: I sat down with Hank [Steinberg, exec producer] and Steve [Kane, exec producer] when we were talking about the role, and I’m like, ‘well is she really a good guy or are we going to find out more’ and they were like, ‘what?!’ I said, ‘I’m used to it. I’m sorry! I’m sorry!’ [laughs] But, no, I’m naval intelligence on that show and I’m teamed up with everybody on the Nathan James [ship] and they’re a lot fun, a lot of action.

I had to check because lately I see your name on anything now and I think, ‘well she’s got to be a villain’.

BR: Oh my God. I know, right?

“Marvel’s Agent Carter” airs a two-hour episode on Tuesday at 9pm on ABC.

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