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Ad Chosen for “Save Our Seeker” LEGEND OF THE SEEKER Campaign, to Run Friday in VARIETY

Posted by Confessed4Life on Thursday, May 6, 2010 Under: Season 3


Posted on 05 May 2010 by Brent Hartinger, Editor

Save Our Seeker, the online campaign to encourage a third season of the syndicated fantasy show Legend of the Seeker, has let fans vote on which of four ads they should place in Variety — and fans have chosen a winner (below).

Last week, concerned by reports that the show had been canceled, Save Our Seeker solicited funds from fans to place the ad. More than $8000 was raised.

The ad, which is directed at industry professionals, will hopefully run Friday, May 7th.

The “fandom name” of the artist is Tarlanciel. The winning ad received 309 votes. Second ad: 129; third: 78; and fourth: 21

See the three ad designs not chosen here.

The campaign is $600 short of being able to afford a second ad in a different publication, so they’re still accepting contributions.

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