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"The Best and The Brightest" screening in Houston, TX!

Posted by Confessed4Life(Bethany G) on Monday, April 25, 2011 Under: The Best and The Brightest
 So I meant to post this earlier, but I forgot with all my excitement: Done Tumblr style!

Photo by: Mark Oxman =)

(Quick recap of the night of awesome) So, I met up with twelve friends we got lost on the way to the theater and they were all screaming at me while i'm driving because they were afraid that they were going to die or whatever and a few others that I met while handing out flyers and whatnot. It was a lot of fun! Before it started we're all standing there waiting for everyone to arrive and all like:

And before the movie starts they play this video recorded by THE AWESOMESS THAT IS BRIDGET REGAN and I'm sitting there, jaw on the floor, all like:

And then the movie started and I'm all like OMG OMG OMG OMG IT'S BRIDGET REGAN'S NAME! *Flails like crazy fan-girl and my friend elbows me to keep me in line* Then the movie is all kinds of awesome and funny that the writers and director should totes be sitting on some tropical island all like:


And then all of B's scenes were done and I'm all like "COME BACK!"

And then the movie was over and we're all like:

So I then ended up talking to the awesomeness that is Mark Oxman, who is very much awesome btw, for about an hour afterwards and then I went out for a few drinks with some friends and continued talking about the brilliance that is Bridget Regan and how wonderful the movie was. Yes. EVERYONE LOVED it! I don't think we ever stopped laughing and I had a HUGE fan-girl grin on my face every second Bridget was on screen!

So now, I'm like... I can sleep now. After staying up most of the nights for the past-Since we got the green light for the screening, going to all the 24hr places so that EVERYONE would have a chance to see this movie... (I SERIOUSLY HAVE TO SEE THIS AGAIN AND AGAIN!)

So all in all:

SO NOW I SAY THANK YOU Neil Patrick Harris, Bridget Regan, Christopher McDonald, Kate Mulgrew, Bonnie Somerville, Amy Sedaris, Jenna Stern,  John Hodgman, Josh Shelov, Michael Jaeger AND Declan Baldwin FOR SUCH A WONDERFUL MOVIE!

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