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"Save our Seeker" ad campaign hits Variety Magazine

Posted by Confessed4Life on Friday, May 7, 2010 Under: Season 3

File this under 'That was fast!'

Last week I reported that some selectLegend of the Seeker fans had started a campaign to raise money to take out a trade publication ad calling for reconsideration of their beloved show's canceling (which has technically not yet been confirmed by ABC Studios). Today said ad has been featured in Variety Magazine.

On newsstands all across Los Angeles now, the full page ad says "WANTED: A new home for season three of Legend of the Seeker" and features silhouettes of the main characters with directions on how one can obtain distribution of the cult favorite sci-fi show, if so desired. A full page ad in such a publication generally runs around six thousand dollars, so this is no small feat for a group that rallied within one business week!

The group also has plans to run a similar ad in the Hollywood Reporter next week to keep their message alive. 

In the meantime, though, fans also are continuing to work around the clock sending postcards and letters to ABC, contacting the media, and encouraging everybody to purchase the series on both iTunes and DVD format. They are determined to get #SaveourSeeker trending on Twitter, as well.

You can visit their campaign website

Variety Ad mockup
Variety Ad mockup
(c), 2010

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