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'CAMP WANATACHI' returns to New York this June!

Posted by Confessed4Life on Tuesday, May 11, 2010 Under: CAMP WANATACHI

Refreshing and uplifting. - Time Out New York

A hilariously subversive piece of theater. - 
New York Magazine

This hormone-charged motley crew will make you laugh and ponder conceptions about religion and sexual identity in a postmodern age. -
Paper Magazine

Very catchy... It’s a sound we haven’t heard that much from new musicals, I for one would love more. - 
New York Post

(New York City, New York) 
CAMP WANATACHI is a spirit-soaked hormone-charged new musical comedy about two 13 year old girls who fall in love at Christian summer camp. Produced by the star of Disney - ABC's Legend of the Seeker, Bridget Regan, and Ian Pai, co-founder of Blue Man Group and Musical Director ofFischerspooner, this genre-mashing musical tells the story of two young girls, the sexy bulimic Titi, and Jana, earnest and religious. Surrounded by an ensemble of eccentric characters, including a suicidal goth, a manic cheerleader, and a foxy counselor from the boys side, Titi and Jana learn that they can experience Jesus’ love through one another.

Fresh off its critically acclaimed run in the 2009 NY Fringe Festival,
CAMP WANATACHI’s upcoming Benefit Concerts + Dance Party will star its creator, Natalie Weiss (of Unicornicopia), and feature a book co-written by Bekah Brunstetter (two-time winner of theNew York Innovative Theater Award for best new play), the sex-glitch beats of Machinedrum, a live orchestra, floor-to-ceiling projection walls and a summer camp themed after party.

On June 3rd and 4th, a concert version of 
CAMP WANATACHI will be performed to raise awareness and funds for its sister project, a gallery show entitled Jesus In Our Lives. Spearheaded by the experimental arts and advocacy group Mercurial Productions,Jesus In Our Lives utilizes photographic, video, performance and interactive components that give a voice to young lesbians and promote frank discussion about the intersection of homosexuality and Christianity at Ramiken Crucible Gallery in 2010. In addition to the concerts, there will be a VIP reception and a party hosted by NYC’s most popular electro/sex/dance crunkers, CASSETTE NYC.

CAMP WANATACHI Benefit Concerts + Dance Party at Three Legged Dog: 
80 Greenwich Street New York, NY 10006
Thursday, June 3rd 8:00pm (followed by VIP Reception)
Friday, June 4th 8:00pm (followed by CASSETTE NYC After Party.)

For advance, pre-sale tickets, email

Tickets for Benefit Concerts: $15 
Tickets purchased for June 3rd and June 4th both include admission to CASSETTE NYC on June 4th.
Tickets for Benefit Concert and June 3rd VIP Reception: $25

To hear music and find out the latest news, visit:


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