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‘Jane the Virgin': The Real Sin Rostro Reveals Master Plan

Posted by C4L Admin on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 Under: Interviews

Spoiler Warning: Do not read on unless you’ve seen the Feb. 2 episode of “Jane the Virgin” season one, titled “Chapter Twelve.”

Sin Rostro’s identity has finally been revealed. And no, it’s not who you thought it was. In fact, the prime candidate for “Jane the Virgin’s” mastermind villain, Rafael’s father Emilio Solano, was killed by the real Sin Rostro — his wife, Rose!

Let’s recap: Jane’s (Gina Rodriguez) detective ex-fiancé Michael (Brett Dier) and his police partner-turned-hookup buddy Nadine (Azie Tesfai) have been onto Jane’s baby daddy Rafael and Emilio (Carlo Rota). Rafael finally caught wind of the evolving evidence and by episode 12, with the help of his step-mom Rose (Bridget Regan), he was convinced that his father really was the bad guy. Moments later, Rose doused her hubby Emilio in fresh cement, burying him alive. In other words, in the best we-didn’t-see-that-coming turn of events, Rose was revealed to Sin Rostro. (Her name is Rose, people!) Even for a telenovela, this is nuts.

Regan spoke to Variety to spill about the big reveal, which of “Jane’s cohorts will catch onto Sin Rostro’s secret plan, and what’s next for Rose and Luisa’s romance:

Let’s clear this up: This is “Jane the Virgin” so for the record, are you really Sin Rostro?

I am Sin Rostro. We can make t-shirts!

When did you find out?

I found out right when the script came out for that episode. [Exec producer/writer Jennie Snyder] was like, “Wait ’til you read the script!” and I could see it in her eyes. I had a hunch that I was maybe up to something because I always had this feeling that Rose enjoyed when her husband had conflict with her stepson, Rafael. I thought maybe I was working for Sin Rostro, and I was right along with the characters of “Jane the Virgin,” thinking that Sin Rostro was going to be a man. Nadine and Michael are looking for him, and I thought eventually he would turn up. I pictured this big, powerful man waltzing in, like Ian McShane or Andre Braugher! When I found out, I thought, why not Rose? And I was thrilled. It’s another reason to love “Jane the Virgin” — the big badass villain is a woman.

Did anyone in the cast know or were you all guessing with the audience?

We all had suspicions and some people suspected me, a lot of people suspected Priscilla Barnes [Magda, Petra’s mother], a lot of people suspected Carlo Rota who plays Emilio, there were suspicions all over and the writers would just chuckle and smile. Where we’re at right now, no one knows at this point that I’m Sin Rostro at this point. Only the audience knows and our amazing, incredible narrator knows, but that’s it.

How did no one guess this? Your name is Rose…

I did see a few [fan theories] on Twitter. I adore interacting with the fans, especially on this show because there are so many fans who really ship Luisa (Yara Martinez) and Rose, and there would be people who would tweet me, “Please don’t be Sin Rostro, please don’t be Sin Rostro.” I was like, don’t look at me! But that last sequence at the end of Chapter Twelve when Rose and Sin Rostro came on screen, I just thought that sequence was so cool and so fun.

Will the characters find out during this season that you are the real Sin Rostro?

I don’t know.

You buried Emilio in cement so that makes it difficult to find him, but I would imagine Rafael and others will notice he’s missing so how will this play out?

This is all part of Rose’s plan. Her plan is to frame her husband to be Sin Rostro, and at the end of last week’s episode, I called Rafael and left him a message that Emilio didn’t show up and he must’ve fled the country. Nadine is convinced that Emilio is Sin Rostro and she’s convincing Michael, and Rose’s plan is carrying out where she’s covering her tracks and playing the part of the shocked wife when they reveal to her that Emilio is Sin Rostro.

Does anyone become suspicious of Rose?

It’s definitely Michael. Unfortunately in the next episode [Feb. 9], Michael does some digging and reveals something to Rose that she didn’t know about her husband and Rose is forced to improvise. As we’ve seen, Michael is pretty good at his job and they do some further digging and some pieces don’t add up for them so they’re going to keep looking and we’ll see if they figure me out.

Does Rafael become suspicious at all?

As we’ve seen in previous episodes, Rose has been using Rafael for everything — she used him to get Luisa committed when she threatened to tell Emilio, she has been working him to put him up against his dad. If you go back and look at the episodes, you can see how rose is working every single thing and playing the scared, worried wife. Rafael is doing exactly what she needs. He’s believing her and he’s right along with the detectives and believing that his father was this drug lord, plastic surgery ring-running guy. So he’s dealing with the reality of that, which is not exactly true, but it’s all going according to Rose’s plan.

Does anything get in the way of Rose’s Sin Rostro plan?

Her feelings for Luisa — these really real, strong feelings for this woman — are completely inconvenient in her plan so we see her struggling with balancing [those feelings]. This is a very smart, sneaky, clever woman and she’s all about power and control and running the show so it’s been cool to see what happens when things don’t go according to her plan.

So Luisa was never part of the plan? 

That was the one note that Jennie gave me. I was dying to know more, but she said your feelings for Luisa are 100% true. In Chapter Fourteen coming up, we get a really delicious sequence where we get to flashback and see how Luisa and Rose met and how is it possible that these lovers became step-mother and step-daughter? It was probably the most fun sequence that I did on “Jane The Virgin” to date. I can’t wait for everybody to see it.

Will Rose and Luisa be able to continue their romance or will the Sin Rostro reveal ruin their relationship?

After this whole grand plan has been completed of infiltrating the Marbella hotel, marrying Emilio, getting the plastic surgery ring there — she’s had this plan in the works for a long time, and the whole reason she married Emilio was to get that hotel and that location — I think she’s hopeful that Luisa and her can carry on. Now, whether Luisa is able to do that is another question. Her feelings are 100% real for her.

So from the moment Rose met Emilio, was it doom day for him?

Unfortunately, yes. It’s so crazy, but it’s very telenovela, isn’t it? I mean, I’m burying my husband in cement.

Will we get to see how Sin Rostro went about her previous dirty work? It’s a little hard to believe that Rose conducted all those murders with her own hands.

My understanding is that we’re going to be working with our detectives and trying to figure it out with them and put the pieces together because there are a lot of question marks still — who killed the bellboy? Who pushed Zaz over the balcony onto the huge ice sculpture? Those questions will be addressed later int he season.

Has anyone been working with you?

That I do not know, but I do think that Rose is a powerful woman and I wouldn’t put much past her.

You being Sin Rostro, does that give you an endgame on the show or does it give your character more legs?

I can’t say much, but I will say that Rose may get a few little hitches in her plan, but she’s still one step ahead of them.

“Jane the Virgin” airs Mondays on The CW.

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