• William - played by Ed Weeks
  • Fiona - played by Bridget Regan
  • Leonard -played by Tom Bell
  • Carolyn - played by Melanie Zanetti
  • Allison - played by Scottie Thompson
  • Edward - played by Bruce Davidson
  • Charlotte - played by Brenda Strong
  • Carla - played by Christine Lakin
  • Reynolds - played by Rory Knox Johnston

Photos from the premiere:

The Leisure Class is a 2015 comedy film by HBO Films about a man who is trying to marry into a wealthy family and his unpredictable brother. The film was direct by Project Greenlight (A documentary series following a first time director making a feature film.) season 4 contest winner, Jason Mann. It is based on a 2012 short film written by Mann that premiered at the 2013 Raindance Film Festival. The film premiered in Los Angeles in August 2015 and will air on HBO.

 HBO set the film's budget at $3 million.

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