Update: Bridget's roll was cut short due to being cast in USA's White Collar.

'Sons of Anarchy' season 6 spoilers: Bridget Regan joins the cast

Casting changes keep rolling in on the hit biker drama, "Sons of Anarchy." The newest casting decision, according to a Latinos Post report on May 29 is Bridget Regan. While her character is pretty vague still at this point, she is likely going to be one of three types of characters.

Fans have already been told that SAMCRO will delve deeper into the escort world, therefore, it seems to be the most likely possibility that Regan will end up being an escort. She will most likely become a temptress to Jax, who is already struggling with his wife Tara in prison. Or, even better, she could become Tara's new lover while behind bars as Kurt Sutter has already announced to fans that Tara will be having a lesbian jailhouse experience. Whether it's against her will or not has remained quiet.

Lastly, and really, the least likely possibility, is that Bridget Regan could be one of the San Joaquin County District Attorneys that is going up against SAMCRO for their many indiscretions.

This season of "Sons of Anarchy" is set up to be the second to last season, therefore, it is going to be action packed and fans won't be able to miss anything otherwise they could miss out on something very important that could impact the rest of the season.

Who do you think Bridget Regan will play?