Bridget Regan
Victor Webster
Pearce Visser
Daniel Martin

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Movie: Magic Stocking
Network: Hallmark Movies
Original Air Date:  December 06,15

A young widow is hesitant to move on after her husband's death at Christmastime several years prior. But with the help of a possibly-maybe-probably magic Christmas stocking unlocking the town's mysteries, she finds the true meaning of the season - love that brings families together, no matter how old or new.


A little more information from the screenwriter, Buddy Baron: (source)

When a young widow buys a tattered old Christmas stocking at a church bazaar, wondrous things start to happen. 

Two Decembers after the tragic death of her law enforcement husband, 30 year old Lindsey Monroe tries to bring the holidays back into focus for herself and for Hannah, her 11 year old daughter.

At a church rummage sale, she buys a tattered old Christmas stocking that looks like an elf boot.  After the arrival of her lively Vegas-bound mother, Donna, they notice that the elf boot stocking keeps offering up odd little trinkets that have a value far beyond what they seem.

Lindsey finds a small screwdriver which aids her boss, who rewards her with a dinner for two she uses to enjoy an evening with Scott, the handsome artist who delivered furniture she bought for Hannah's room.  

Donna finds an old dog tag that leads to a spectacular contest win and the replenishing of a crucial sum of money given away when a close friend needed emergency help.  

And Hannah finds a silver dollar, which unexpectedly directs her to the family of a lost puppy she rescued and was hoping to keep.

Finally, after a disastrous Christmas party and equally disappointing art gallery opening, the stocking gives up a key leading Lindsey to a very special gift for a long dreamed of project can be completed, and their new love is allowed to blossom.

One Christmas later, with her family whole once again and both her faith and love restored, Lindsey completes the circle by finding just the right person to pass the stocking on to.

THE MAGIC STOCKING is the newest from screenwriter Buddy Baron, a two time winner of the Nevada Film Office Screenplay Competition