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  • If you would like to submit anything to our photo gallery, email us here. created November and went LIVE in December of 2008.

Any original content is copyright to and may not be used or reproduced without written consent. All other content such as photographs and videos are copyright the original owner and is posted under the fair use. If there anything that you hold the rights to and wish to have it changed or  removed, please contact us. We do not intend to steal anyone’s work or infringe any copyrights.

Photos with Tags and/or Watermarks:
All photos that are tagged are by the owners request.

We have agreements with a few photographers who allow us to post their pictures  under the promise that we have their name and our website on the pictures.
On rare occasion, we will tag photos that we have purchased specifically for this site. (We do not place large watermarks on the whole of our photos, like many others, so that you can post them elsewhere or use them in your fan-art. [We do ask that you provide credit]). For the longest we only tagged the bottom of the photos, but after quite a bit of drama (The companies we were buying from found the pictures they sold us on other peoples FB pages & websites with the tags removed and since they gave no credit as to where they came from, we were fined for EACH photograph as “theft”).
As a result, we did lose our contracts with many of those companies.
Please keep this in mind when we share photographs, with or without watermarks.

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