Exclusive Interview: Bridget Regan (Legend of the Seeker)

What's a feisty, confident, beautiful and tall (5'-9") actress to do?  Well, if you're Bridget Regan, you audition for, win, and play the role of Kahlan, the butt-kicking, dagger-wielding sorceress, called a Confessor, in Legend of the Seeker.  The television series, based on the Sword of Truth novels by Terry Goodkind, is now in its second season and doing just fine in first-run syndication.  New episodes are currently airing, and Kahlan still loves and protects the would-be Seeker (Craig Horner), but can't ever be with him despite their mutual feelings for one another.  Complicating matters is the presence of Cara (Tabrett Bethell), a tough-as-nails and gorgeous Mord'Sith now fighting for the forces of good along with Richard, Kahlan, and the wizard Zedd (Bruce Spence).

PopStar recently caught up with Regan -- who hails from California, spent much of her early career in New York City, and shoots Legend of the Seeker in New Zealand -- for an exclusive interview.  In it, she discusses things to come on Legend of the Seeker, reveals what she wishes could happen between Kahlan and Richard, and celebrate her 3,000-plus Twitter followers.


How confident were you that Legend of the Seeker would be picked up for a second season?

I was pretty confident.  When our makeup artist bought herself a new car, I was pretty sure then.  I was like, "You wouldn't be buying that car if you didn't think we were going again."  (Producer) Rob Tapert had told me it was 99.9%.  But there's that skeptic inside of you that goes, "I don’t want to count on this and then not have an idea of what I'd do if it didn't go on."  I was pretty sure, though.  I felt like we were getting into a really great groove at the end of season one, and season two is, I think, already a real better show than it was last year.


What's your sense of Kahlan this year?  And where is she headed?

I keep thinking she and Richard are so good and I don't understand why they're not together.  I'm constantly reminded of a scene from the book Wizard's First Rule.  It's my favorite scene in the book.  Kahlan and Richard are in the Spirit House and, in order to conjure up the spirits of the mud people, you have to get completely naked and painted with all these tribal symbols and things.  So, they're in the Spirit House and they're naked together, and it's just so hot.  That section of the book is (told) in Kahlan's voice, and she's thinking, "God, what if I could just take him?  I could just do this (using her magical powers)."  And she's almost rationalizing it.  I love it.  I constantly go back to that part of the book because that's how much she wants to be a woman, but she can’t.


What's coming up on the show?

The coolest arc of the season so far is Kahlan's new relationship with Cara and the challenge of dealing with this other female who's around, whom she's not sure she can trust.  Kahlan is starting to trust her more and more, or is trying to, and that's out of necessity that she has to trust.  There are times when Kahlan needs Cara and times when Cara needs Kahlan, and they have to be there for each other.  That will keep growing steadily, which has been cool to do.  Kahlan gets a new, sexy costume.  As much as I love the white dress, I tend to trip over the sleeves a lot and fall over myself.  The new costume is darker and it makes you wonder if she's a good guy or a bad guy.  And I love that ambiguity.  The first day I walked on set in the new costume all the grips were doing double-takes at me.


It was a men's club for the most part during the first season.  What has it meant to you to have Tabrett around, on set and off?

Tab and I really get along very well.  We can be really girlie together.  We're there for each other when it comes to the things that a bunch of guys wouldn't get.  I think she's exactly what the show needed, and Cara is huge in the books.  She's right up there.  She's not in the first book, but she's huge in the other books, and I think having her along now is brilliant.


We have to words for you: Red contacts...

Oh my God, aren't they amazing?!  When I get to wear them on set I like to sneak up on people and scare them.  They're really frightening, and they're big.  They're the biggest contacts I have ever worn, because they have to color of your eyes.  They're a pain to get in.  It takes like three makeup girls holding my eyes open, Clockwork Orange-style.  Once they're in, everything is red.  It's pretty intense, especially when you go out in the sun.  All the scenes where I've been wearing them have been in a studio, but whenever I run outside to my trailer or to the bathroom, it's so intense.  It helps me get into that anger, that raging feeling I need to have for the scenes where I'm wearing them.  It feels like something is taking you over.  It's absolutely bizarre.


We've seen you on Twitter lately.  How did that happen and how many followers do you have?

I'm at 3,000-something now and it's slowly building.  I love it.  I got approached to do a blog last season and I don't have time to do a full-on blog all the time, and you have to go through all the right people and make sure what you're saying is cool.  I figured, "I'll just do Twitter.  It's easier."  And it's like two sentences.  It's fun.  I like communicating with the fans and, as far away as I am from everybody, it's a great way to stay in touch and give people updates.  I'm getting better, too.  I'm trying to do it every day, at least one a day.