Craig Horner, Bridget Regan Talks About 'Legend Of The Seeker'


Actors Craig Horner and Bridget Regan stopped by to talk about the second season premiere of Legend of the Seeker.

The sci-fi/fantasy series is set in th age of swords and dragons. The new season finds the heroes Richard Cypher (Horner) and Kahlan Amnell (Regan) riding high from a victorious battle against evil. But they soon learn that their battle has created a crack into the underworld. Mayhem and darkness plague their world as Cara and thought-to-be-dead evil ruler Darken Rahl make surprising returns.

The second season is loosely based on author Terry Goodkind's book the Stone of Tears, which is second in his The Sword of Truth series.

Catch the season premiere of Legend of the Seeker on Saturday, November 7 at 5pm and an encore presentation on Sunday, November 8 at 4pm on PIX. For more information, visit