Legend of the Seeker Stars Spill on the New Season's Supersexy Love Triangle 


Legend of the Seeker, a syndicated fantasy series you may never have heard of but that's actually pretty darn entertaining, returns this weekend for a swashbuckling second season.

We just caught up with series stars Bridget Regan and Craig Horner to learn what we can expect for Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell and Seeker of Truth Richard Cypher in the new episodes. (Psst...if you're not familiar with the show, please don't be put off by the fancy nomenclature derived from the Sword of Truth books on which the series is based. Mother Confessor just means "superhot nun with fighting skills" and a Seeker of Truth is, more or less, a noble knight in a shining armor. You've met their like before.)

So, what is to come in season two? We heard tell of leather-clad bad girls, jealous wenches and some sexy body-swapping...

Richard and Kahlan have two big problems this season: (1) They kinda opened a Hellmouth when they defeated Darken Rahl last season. Oops. (2) A Mord Sith named Cara (Tabrett Bethell) has attached herself to Richard and Kahlan's little family out of a deranged allegiance to Lord Rahl, a title that Richard inherited upon the late (evil) lord's death.

(Quick sidebar with newbies who might be asking "What's a Mord Sith?" Just imagine a coven of witches who have a rather ostentatious leather fetish, or cross Morgan la Fay from the King Arthur legends with Melinda Clarke's Lady Heather from CSI, and you'll have the general picture of who they are and where they fit into the show's mythology.)

Anyway, as everyone knows, three's a crowd, and once Cara joins up with Richard and Kahlan, the threesome quickly gets uncomfortable for the two ladies. Craig, however, says that Richard doesn't totally hate it: "He's got two beautiful chicks looking after him—he's loving it! Kahlan is his love and his best friend, and he basically has to just override her suggestions and just go, 'Look, I just trust [Cara].' How hard would that have to be for Kahlan? That's what's great about this whole series—the tough choices we have to make that we're faced with."

For her part, Bridget Regan confirms that Kahlan is fairly underwhelmed by the idea of sharing her man with a space dominatrix: "That's a whole can of worms because Cara comes in and we've both sworn to protect Richard. She's sworn to protect the Lord Rahl, and I've said, well, I'm your Confessor and I'm going to lay down my life for you if need be—that's not just because of her duty, it's also because she loves the hell out of the man. Kahlan and Cara are enemies, yet they have the same goals, so it's a bizarre relationship."

Kahlan's the nicest lady in the world, being a Confessor/nun and all, but Bridget tells us that in episode 11 Kahlan's true feelings about the Richard-Cara connection get the better of her and she gets a chance to show off her bitchy side: "The episode is called 'Torn,' and Kahlan's literally torn, there are two of her, she gets split. One part of her is this Confessor and she becomes this tyrannical leader—she doesn't have that compassion that she needs—and then the other part of her is this girl who's lovesick and jealous and crazy and just wants to be with Richard all the time."

But according to Bridget, there is some good news for Richard-Kahlan fans in this scenario: "I'm shooting a love scene on Tuesday with Craig. It's nerve-racking. I have to work on not blushing all day. The grips and lighting guys are like your brothers, and I just don't look at them in the eye all day."

And that's not the only sexytime in the works this season. Craig tells us, "There will be some body swapping going on again, maybe some possession, maybe some different sides of each character coming out that they each didn't know they had in them. Me and Bridget love any time we get to play another character. [There's one episode where] I'm this random, possessed old seeker who's out for revenge."

If those eps are anything like the body-swapping "Mirror" ep or the possession episode "Revenant" from season one, we can't wait!

Legend of the Seeker premieres this weekend in syndication. The season premiere features Buffy and Angel alum Charisma Carpenter as a twisted Mord Sith named Triana. (FYI, Craig revealed to us that he's a huge Buffy fan who totally geeked out when he meet C.C.: "I didn't let it slip when I first met her, trying to be real cool, you know, and then 10 minutes went by and I was like, by the way, 'Biggest Buffy fan ever, tell me everything.' "

You can look up your local stations and airtimes for the premiere at LegendoftheSeeker.com.

Will you be watching or DVRing LOTS this weekend?