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Christmas Getaway 

Travel writer Emory has never had a traditional Christmas. Although her free spirit makes her the perfect travel writer, a surprising breakup with her boyfriend takes her personal life back to square one. Hoping to spend the holiday relaxing and recovering, Emory takes the picturesque Christmas vacation planned for the two of them, alone. Through a mix up on the rental site - or maybe a little Christmas magic - Emory is forced to share the cabin with a handsome widower (Travis Van Winkle), his young daughter, and mother-in-law. What begins as an annoying inconvenience blooms into a romance she never knew was possible, and a Christmas they will cherish forever.

Bridget Regan as Sasha, a former Navy Intelligence Officer now operating under diplomatic cover in China for the newly reformed United States government, in Michael Bay’s action-adventure TNT series The Last Ship.

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Christmas Getaway
Jane the Virgin
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Agent Carter
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